Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites for the Week of April 30th:

We welcome May during our 33rd week of school! If the weather forecast is correct, we will also welcome back some warmer temperatures.

OAA Testing:  The next week’s OAA testing schedule is listed below.  Remember that it is very important that students are in school on scheduled testing dates.  I appreciate how hard that students and parents have worked to have students to school and on time during last week’s testing.  Our attendance was wonderful! 

Flying Pig Info:   PTA will pick up all registration packets for the Flying Pig Kids Marathon on Monday, April 30 and will distribute them to your child on Wednesday, May 2.   We ask that all registered AE students meet at the entrance to Great American Ballpark no later than 11:30. Our group has been assigned white T-shirts, so please look for those. A course map will be distributed on Wednesday of next week, but will also be included in your packet. Each school will be assigned a location and “wave” start. That will be included in your packet as well. The start will begin at Noon and will continue in 5-minute start “waves”. Kids will go through finishers “chutes” for flow and safety. Group reunion area will be near the big Paddle Wheel monument on Mehring Way.  Bring your cameras… this would be a WONDERFUL event!

Calendar of Events:

Monday, April 30th:

  • 6:30-7:30  West Clermont Community Meeting at the Union Township Public Library

Tuesday, May 1st:

  • 5th Grade MATH OAA
  • Kindergarten Field Trip to Drake Planetarium

Wednesday, May 2nd:

  • 4th Grade MATH OAA
  • Kindergarten Field Trip to Drake Planetarium
  • 10:30-11:30  West Clermont Community Meeting at the Union Township Public Library
  • 6:30-7:30  West Clermont Community Meeting at A.H.S. Multi-Purpose Room

Thursday, May 3rd:

  • 5th Grade SCIENCE OAA

Friday, May 4th:

  • Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten Students in Session

Saturday, May 4th:

  • Flying Pig:  AE students meet at the entrance to Great American Ballpark no later than 11:30
  • 12:00  Flying Pig Race

Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of April 16th:

Happy Sunday.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I had two days packed with soccer games.  The rain certainly made them interesting.  I spent Saturday at Notre Dame University watching my twin sons’ soccer game… such a beautiful campus!

We have a very busy 37 days left of the school year!  Can you believe that we are in the last 8 weeks of school?

Kindergarten Weekly Schedule:  Monday/Wednesday kindergarten students will be in session on Friday, April 20th.

OAA Spirit Week:  As I had mentioned earlier,  our OAA theme this year is Amelia Tigers Race to the Top!  Mark your calendars and have fun with the following activities:

  • Monday, April 16th: Daytona 500 Day (wear your sunglasses, visors for the hot race!)
  • Tuesday, April 17th: Kentucky Derby Day (wear your favorite Derby hat!)
  • Wednesday, April 18th: Amelia Spirit Day (wear Amelia spirit wear or white and blue!)
  • Thursday, April 19th: Hawaiian Kayak Race Day (wear Hawaiian or colorful shirts and leis!)
  • Friday, April 20th: Flying Pig marathon Day  (wear your craziest socks, fastest gym  shoes and sweat bands!)

OAA Testing  Schedule:   3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be taking the Ohio Achievement Assessment in a week. Please mark your calendars and try to schedule doctor’s appointments around your child’s testing date. Our goal is to have 100% of students in attendance on their testing dates.  Students who are in attendance on testing days will participate in the OAA celebration dance held during the school day on May 25th.  Only students (3rd, 4th and 5th graders) with perfect attendance on testing days will be permitted to attend.  Lets shoot for 100% attendance on testing dates!!!

  • April 24th: 3rd grade reading OAA
  • April 25th: 4th grade reading OAA
  • April 26th: 5th grade reading OAA
  • April 27th: 3rd grade math OAA
  • May 1st: 5th grade math OAA
  • May 2nd: 4th grade math OAA
  • May 3rd: 5th grade science OAA

Book Fair:  The following link is to Amelia Elementary’s Book Fair Web Page. Parents will be able to  shop online through April 30th. The link also has our classroom shopping schedule posted. Happy shopping!

Have you “friended” Amelia Tigers on FACEBOOK?  Feel free to do so for another avenue to stay informed of Amelia Elementary news and current events!

Tiger Bites- Week of March 19th:

What an amazing and beautiful morning!  It looks like spring is here… the students are starting to get “itchy” with spring fever. There are several items that I would like to bring to your attention this week:

Kindergarten Schedule:  Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students will be attending school on Friday of this week.

Book Fair Volunteers:  The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 16-20th.  The exciting theme for our spring 2012 Book Fair is Book Fair Luau: It’s a Reading Celebration!  We need volunteers to help put on a one-of-a-kind Book Fair.  We hope you will share your talents and join us as we bring this memorable reading celebration to our school.  If you have some time to help us plan or conduct our next Book Fair, please email at  in order to volunteer for one of the following areas:

  • Setting up the Fair
  • Helping shoppers at the Fair
  • Cashiering
  • Packing up the fair

Teacher Award:  Congratulations to Mr. MacFarland who received Honorable Mention from a nomination received from his students this school year.  He will be honored on Saturday, March 31th by the Katie Haumesser Foundation.  Congratulations Mr. MacFarland for being recognized for the wonderful work that you do each day for Amelia’s students!

Mad Cap Productions:  Last Friday, students in grades pre, KDG, 1 and 2nd, were treated to a program put on by Mad Cap Productions.  This Thursday, the rest of the student body will enjoy the same performance of Jack and the Gentle Giant.  Much thanks to Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Burgess, and the PTA for bringing this opportunity to our students.

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Very Lucky Principal:

Dear Amelia Tigers,

Wow, what a wonderful birthday!  I wanted to let you know that I loved all of the birthday cards, letters and presents that you made for me.  My desk was covered by the end of the day.  I had many classes sing Happy Birthday and I think that I may have broken the world record for getting the most hugs in a single day.  I wanted to let you know that I consider myself to be the luckiest principal in the world to have such amazing and caring students!  Thank you for making my day extra special!

Love you all,

Mrs. Walker



Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of December 19th:

Good Evening, Amelia families, this is the weekly update for the week of December 19th. 

We have a lot of exciting things going on at Amelia this week.  A big thank you needs to go out for the PTA for organizing Santa’s holiday shop and breakfast with Santa.  I know the students really appreciated it and had a wonderful time.

 Second quarter interims went home with students this past Friday in grades 1-5. Be sure to look in folders and backpacks. 

On Tuesday, December 20th, our fifth grade students will take a field trip to AHS for a music sampler. The field trip will last from 9:40-11:10. 

On Friday December 23, we will have our holiday classroom parties from 1:50-2:50. T/TH kindergarten students will be holding their classroom parties on Thursday, December 22nd.

This week kindergarten students enrolled in the Monday/Wednesday session will attend school on Friday.

We have several staff members celebrating birthdays this week:

  • Sunday, December 18th: Mrs. Amann (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Tuesday, December 20th: Mrs. Heltzer (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Saturday, December 24th:  Mr. Rooks (Evening Custodian)

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday and I look forward seeing everyone January 3rd.

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Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of December 12th:

Good morning,

It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas.  Temperatures are dropping… I am thrilled that we are getting a much-needed break from precipitation.  (This sure makes dismissal a more enjoyable, and drier  task) 

Remind your children to wear their winter coats and mittens, scarves, hats etc.  As long as we are able, (temps above freezing, not raining, etc) we will be taking children outside for recess.  If your child does not have a coat, please contact me and I will see what I can do to get one for them.

Just a few calendar events for the week:

Monday-Friday:  Holiday Shop (see previous post regarding specific shopping times for individual classrooms)

Friday, December 16th:  Interim reports will be sent home with students in grades 1-5.

Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students will attend school on Friday!

Have a wonderful week! ~Mrs. Walker

Here’s to an Exciting Start to the 2011-12 School Year:

I remember as a child finding it difficult to fall sleep the night before the first day of school.  There were so many things to wonder about… Will I find my classroom?  Will my teacher be nice? Will I be able to sit by my best friend? 

I anticipate that many of you will be experiencing the same feelings tonight.   No worries though, I am certain that tomorrow will bring lots of fun and excitement.    My secret is that I still get excited many years later during each new school year.  I can’t wait to see all of my amazing Amelia Tigers tomorrow morning! 

2nd Grade Mrs. Walker

Just a few pointers to help tomorrow run smoothly:

  • As I discussed at the transportation meetings, it is vital that parents listen and follow the directives of my staff during arrival and dismissal.  It is our goal to ensure that all students are safe.  I anticipate that it will take an extended period of time during the first week of school for dismissal and arrival.  Please be patient with all of us.  My staff, students and parents will get better with practice.
  • Arrival will begin at 8:45 AM.  Please do NOT drop your children off before this time.  Wait for my staff members to open car doors before letting your children out of the cars.  This is to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • If you did not pick up transportation tags, you must do this tomorrow.  This is so that we know where your children should go at the end of the day.  I have several students that this applies to. 
  • It is important that during dismissal, that car respect the traffic flow and go to the correct pick-up location (A-z & car pool: front of building and I-Z: back of the building)
  • All back packs must have their designated transportation mode tag attached.  Additionally, if you are picking up your child you must have the car tag as well.  If not, you will be directed to come to the office to sign your child out.

 Teachers will be creating and updating classroom blog sites.  We are attempting to reduce paper and feel that this is a great way to communicate with you.  Feel free to check teacher sites as listed on the left side of this site.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Stephanie Walker