Reservation for Grandparents Night:

Reservations and money are due this week on Thursday March 31st for Grandparents Night.  We will not be accepting any reservations after that date or at the door. Please make sure to mark your reservation for either 5:30pm or 6:30pm and send the money in with the form.  Each student will receive one complimentary picture with their grandparents.  Additionally, the bookfair will be open during Grandparents Night on Thurs April 7th. We look forward to another wonderful night!! 

Lady Liberty:


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What a liberating sight to see!  In the cafeteria of Amelia Elementary on Friday afternoon, March 25th,  approximately 125 second graders were privileged to experience a visit from Lady Liberty.  Lucy Distler, Marketing Manager for Liberty Tax Service at Kennedy’s Landing in Eastgate paid them a visit and brought Lady Liberty, alias Crystal Reynolds, in full costume.  They presented the students with foam Statue of Liberty headbands (pink for the girls and blue for the boys) and also a frisbee from Liberty Tax Service.  The students learned that the Statue of Liberty is actually located on Liberty Island and that she was a present from France.  An Ohio president, Grover Cleveland, was in office when the statue was dedicated.  The Statue of Liberty weighs 100 tons and is made of copper.  She looks green because of the effects of the weather and the ocean air.  There are 357 steps inside of the Statue of Liberty, and three-second graders actually counted that far while pretending to climb steps–it took them a long time to “reach the top”!  The seven points on Lady Liberty’s hat are in honor of the seven seas and the seven continents.  Her shoe size is 386, her ears are 2 and 1/2 feet wide, and her fingernails are one foot long.  The students and teachers certainly had a glorious afternoon and very much appreciated the visit from Lucy and Lady Liberty!

Science is In the Air:

Zookeeper Mike and Hurricane

Amelia Elementary third graders were visited by the Cincinnati Zoo again on Friday, March 25, 2011. Thanks to the organization of Mr. Stevens, a grandfather of one the students, the Frisch’s Outreach Program brought two animals to share with the classes. To start, the students were given pictures of the five classes of vertebrates and were asked to sort them according to their class. Then the zookeeper brought out an African Gray Hornbill named Mozart for the students to observe. Finally, an American Alligator named Hurricane made an appearance. It was a great culminating activity since the students just finished studying about vertebrate animals in science.

5th Grade Science

What happens when light travels from one transparent material to another?  That is the question Amelia Elementary 5th graders were trying to answer last week.  They were observing properties of light as it traveled through different transparent materials.  Students watched a sticker “magically” rise to the top of a glass as water was added.  Some students saw it even disappear.  They also observed a straw which appeared to grow and break in half.  All of this was due to light refraction.  As light travels from the air to the water it slows down and changes direction. 

3rd Grade Science

Simple machines are mechanical constructs that increase a simple force when applied to a load, or change the direction of that force. All compound machines are made of combinations of simple machines. Traditionally, the six basic simple machines are the inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, wedge, and the wheel and axle.  Amelia Elementary third grade students are able to understand these machines and how they work by creating an example and presenting them with their classmates!

Join Us Monday:

Dear Amelia Parents,

  Since I came to Amelia 5 years ago, I have made it a priority to communicate with Amelia families.  I think that it is important to keep you informed about our school and your child’s education.

 As I am sure that you have heard, our new governor has continued with cuts to public education that were started by his predecessor.  For each of the past three years, the West Clermont Board of Education has made $1.2 million in cuts.  Remarkably, we have continued to do more with less as West Clermont Local Schools and Amelia Elementary earned the rating of Excellent with Distinction.  However, we are about to see deep cuts that will change the look of Amelia Elementary as we know it.

 The West Clermont Board of Education has announced major cuts for the 2011-12 academic school year.  Among the cuts, Amelia Elementary students will no longer have gym, art and music class; bussing will be cut to the state minimum and after school activities (including Boys and Girls Club) will be unavailable if additional funding is not secured. 

 The Amelia Elementary library aide position was also cut for next school year.  As an educator, I can tell you that students become better readers by reading.  Amelia students go to the library every week and have opportunities to read a variety of genre.  Our staff and students are equally sad about the potential closing of our library. 

 As an Amelia parent, it is important for you to be informed about the cuts and how your tax dollars are spent.  I have asked our superintendent, Dr. Gary Brooks, to come to Amelia for a meeting with our parents.  He will explain our current financial status and what the future holds for our children.  You are invited and urged to attend this important meeting on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Amelia Cafeteria.


 Stephanie Walker, Principal

Voter Registration:

I have been contacted by a few parents regarding the voter registration process.  If you are not registered to vote and would like to do so, please respond to this blog post or email your request to  I will gladly send home a registration form with your child.  The deadline for voter registration is April 3rd.  Once completed, return to school, to my attention, and I will deliver to the Board of Elections.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of March 21st:

Yearbook Photos:  As the school year is coming to an end, our yearbook editor has been working diligently to create a yearbook that includes many different activities and students.  I have been asked to request First Day of School and Snow Day Photos.  If you would like to submit a photo of your student from the first day of school or a photo from a snow day, please email it to  Only electronic jpeg photos will be accepted. Be sure to include your child’s name and grade and please put whether it is a snow day photo or a first day of school photo in the subject. If you are sending both, please put them in separate emails. There is limited space and pictures will be used for the yearbook in the order received

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Literacy Night:  Please join us on Thursday for our yearly Literacy Night for students in preschool, kindergarten, first and second grades.  This year we will have popcorn and juice along with Madcap Puppets.  There will be free books and information available from our teachers.  We will raffle off gift bags and goodies.  The fun starts at 6:00 and showtime is at 6:30.  We can’t wait to see you at the show!

Upcoming Events:  I have had many questions regarding upcoming dates for Spring Break and OAA testing.  I have the entire list of activities on the Calendar tab on top of the blog site.  Here are some upcoming dates:

March 2011

  • Thursday, March 24th:  Literacy Night 6:00 PM
  • Monday, March 28th: PTA Meeting 6:30 Library
  • Wednesday, March 30th:  End of 3rd Quarter
  • Wednesday, March 30th:  5th Grade Camp Kern
  • Thursday, March 31st:  5th Grade Camp Kern

April 2011

  • Friday, April 1st:  5th Grade Camp Kern
  • Tuesday, April 5th:  4th and 5th Grade Chorus Concert 7:00 PM
  • April 4th-8th:  PTA Scholastic Bookfair
  • Thursday, April 7th:  Grandparents Night 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Tuesday, April 12th:  4th Grade Music Performance 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, April 16th:  AE Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 16-17th: West Clermont Art Show @ WT Elementary
  • Tuesday, April 19th:  Family Science Night 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, April 21st:  PTA Skating Party 6:30-8:30 pm
  • April 21st and April 22nd:   NO SCHOOL– Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 26th:  3rd & 5th grade READING OAA
  • Wednesday, April 27th:  4th grade READING OAA
  • Thursday, April 28th:  3rd & 5th grade MATH OAA

May 2011

  • Tuesday, May 3rd:  4th grade MATH OAA & 5th grade SCIENCE OAA
  • May 2-May 6th-  Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Tuesday, May 3rd:  AM Kindergarten Field Trip to Drake Planetarium
  • Wednesday, May 4th:  PM Kindergarten Field Trip to Drake Planetarium
  • Thursday, May 5th:  5th Grade Music Performance 7:00 PM   ****  Changed ****
  • Tuesday, May 10th:  5th Grade Meet-and-Greet Skating party (AE, HH, ME and WT Students)
  • Friday, May 13th:  OAA Dance 1:00(grades 3,4)  and 2:00 (grade 5)
  • Monday, May 16th:  PTA Meeting 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday, May 17th: Kindergarten Orientation for 2011-12 School Year 9:00 am
  • Friday, May 20th:  PTA Walk-a-thon
  • Tuesday, May 24th:  Volunteer Recognition 4:00
  • Thursday, May 26th:  Talent Show 6:30 pm
  • Monday, May 30th:  NO SCHOOL: Memorial Day

Meet our Hero:

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Back in November, Mrs. Schneider’s fourth grade class wrote letters and sent holiday wishes to a soldier in Afghanistan.  This soldier was PFC Andrew Gerber, a graduate of Glen Este High School.  His brother, Justin is a student in Mrs. Schneider’s class.  Andrew came home on leave, surprising his mom and brother.  He visited with the students and answered all of their questions.  The students were so excited to get to talk to him.  It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone appreciated Andrew’s time.  The class wishes Andrew the best as he prepares to return to Afghanistan.