3rd Grade Fossil Dig:

Mrs. Dunn’s third grade science classes at Amelia Elementary have been studying fossils. Mr. Steven’s, a grandparent of one of the students, borrowed a “Fossil Dig” from the Cincinnati Museum Center. Students were able to pretend that they were paleontologists and brush away the sand to expose some of Ohio’s fossils. There were crinoids, brachiopods, horn corals, bryozoans, and gastropods! Oh my!


AE Tiger Tech Club Update:

During the 2010-11 school year, Amelia Elementary teachers, Miss Van Eman and Mrs. Evans, have started a technology club called Tiger Tech. Students in 5th grade meet once a week in order to learn about technology and eventually will provide support for classroom teachers. During the past month, students have created Voki’s. A Voki is a free service that allows students and teachers to create personalized speaking avatars to be used on classroom blogs. Tiger Tech students invite you to see their Voki creations at the Tiger Tech blog site:



Spreading Valentine’s Day Love:

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Third grade artists at Amelia Elementary created Valentine cards and woven envelopes for patients at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Amelia students hope to brighten the patients Valentine’s Day while they are not feeling well and away from home.



Dinosaurs at AE:

Dinosaurs have arrived at Amelia Elementary… more specifically, some of our wonderful student artists created these colorful creatures.  Enjoy the photos!

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Mrs. Walker’s Blog Bits- Week of January 31st:

 It is very hard to believe that we are moving into the 3rd quarter.  The school year is flying by!  Last week, I spent a great deal of time observing in first grade classrooms.  I was very impressed with the progress that our students have made in reading and writing skills.  It is such an exciting age… our students are little sponges!  🙂

Due to the snow delays, report cards will be sent home on Tuesday afternoon.  Make sure  that you check book bags in case that your little one forgets.

I was asked to post that Amelia Knothole Baseball Sign-ups are scheduled for Saturday, February 5 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and again on February 12 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.  They will be held at Batchlier Park on Lindale-Mt. Holly Road. 

Parent teacher conferences will be held on February 2nd and 9th.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled conference time, please contact the office at 943-3800.

Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Ary have changed their blog sites.  If your child is in either of their classes, feel free to check out the sites for updates: http://carter1stgrade.wordpress.com/   and http://ary1stgrade.wordpress.com/ .  Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Fuller have created a reading blog at http://aeliteracy.blogspot.com/ .   They will be updating it with news and parent ideas for helping struggling readers.  The links are posted on the left in the “AE classroom blog” section.

If you are driving your child to or from school each day, please drive SLOWLY!  I realize that you might be on a tight schedule, but the safety of our students should be priority #1.  Additionally, if your child rides the school bus, I ask that you discuss appropriate behavior.  Transportation is a privilege.  Students that choose to misbehave could be suspended from the school bus.  When children are screaming, out of their seats, fighting or not following  directions, they are a distraction for the driver.  This will not be tolerated.

I recently read an article by researcher Mary Frase.  She tracked students who dropped out of high school. One thing that nearly all of them had in common was poor attendance.  One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to get your child to school on time every day.  When looking at the success of a student, often there is a direct link between achievement and attendance. 

Follow these tips:

  • Reinforce the value and importance of good attendance each and every day.
  • Encourage and help your child prepare for school each evening.  Packing backpacks, preparing lunch and selecting clothes the night before can reduce stress.
  • Designate an appropriate bedtime for your child and STICK TO IT!
  • Praise your child when he/she exhibits good attendance and promptness.

 I would consider that attendance is one of the biggest concerns that I have regarding many of our students at Amelia Elementary.  If this is a concern with your child, I assign this “homework” task to you.  Lets work together to increase attendance of all students so that they can be successful!!

Groundhog Day Facts:

Groundhog Day is held each year on Feb. 2, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  You might be wondering how a groundhog landed the job of predicting the weather. If you’re unfamiliar with the tradition, it goes like this: If the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, sees his shadow, we’re stuck with six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, we luck out with an early spring.

The tradition dates back to 1887, and though the origins are unclear, it is said to have originated from ancient European weather lore in which a badger or sacred bear predicts the weather, rather than a groundhog. It also has religious origins, as it shares similarities with Candlemas Day, which is also on Feb. 2. According to an old English song, “If Candlemas be fair and bright, Come, Winter, have another flight.”

States without groundhogs are taking matters into their own hands by choosing their own weather predictor. Texas, for example, chose its state mammal, an armadillo, to predict the weather for their first “Armadillo Day.” Only time will tell whether the groundhog or the armadillo is the true weather predictor.

Here are three facts you probably didn’t know about Groundhog Day:

1. Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow 97 times, has not seen it 15 times, and nine years are unaccounted for.

The National Climatic Data Center reportedly stated that Phil’s prediction’s have been correct 39 percent of the time. This number is in conflict with Phil’s club, which states he’s been right 100 percent of the time.

3. In the years following the release of Groundhog Day, a 1993 film starring Bill Murray, crowds numbering as high as 30,000 have visited Gobbler’s Knob, a tiny hill in Punxsutawney where the ceremony takes place.




Boys & Girls Club CLOSED on Wednesday, January 26th:

This is a reminder that the Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED on Wednesday due to staff traning.