What I will miss most about Amelia Elementary is…. 5th Graders Report:

5th grade Amelia Elementary students are starting to reflect about their experiences in elementary school now that there is a month left of the school year.  I hope that you enjoy their memories!

What I will miss most about Amelia Elementary is….

  • The teachers, every last one of them.  I would really stay if I could.  I’d miss the little kids and those good old times and even the sad ones too.  I just don’t want to leave this school.
  • The things that I would miss the most from Amelia Elementary is the principal Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Langdon and Mrs. Fowler.  I love this school no matter what even if I get in trouble a lot. 
  • All of the teachers.  They all were so nice.  I was here (Amelia Elementary) for 6 years and all of the teachers were so kind, nice and sweet.
  • Being around playing on the playground and the great teachers I’ve been having.  Also learning here and the building.  Also the Smart Boards that we use here and going to Camp Kern in 5th grade.  That’s what I’ll miss in the Amelia Elementary building.
  • The students and teachers because the teachers supports us at tests and other stuff.  I remember in 2006 that I started going to this school.  I will never forget this wonderful andand best school year I had this year.  I want to say this… Thank you teachers and volunteers and all workers.
  • I will miss my friends, my teachers from kindergarten-5th grade, Mrs. Walker and my 2nd grade sister always being with me in this school.
  • How great the school is and that we will say Amelia tigers are respectful, responsible and safe to others.  I’ll miss you Amelia Elementary.
  • What I will miss most is the good memories, the old school and most of all the teachers and Miss Walker.
  • All of the great teachers and nice students in the classrooms, the nice school and the laughter that fills the rooms.
  • The best principal ever.  I will also miss the students that go here to Amelia Elementary.  I will miss the teachers that work here too.  That’s what I will miss.
  • The teachers and the memories left behind in the school because the teachers were so great and nice.  The great memories will be captured in the school.
  • I will miss all the teachers and all the awesome things that have happened at Amelia Elementary and I can’t wait to graduate to high school in 2019.
  • The teachers, the Smart Boards, and the memories I have had with my friends since kindergarten.
  • I will miss the teachers, the principal, elementary school, etc.  I will miss my friends in the lower grades but most of all, I will miss everything.
  • My teachers, my friends in lower grades and my teachers.  I may have not have been the best student, but they have taught me great lessons, and will miss them the most.  I will miss Amelia Elementary!
  • All the great teachers and the awesome principal.  I will also miss all my friends in the other grades.  Finally, what I will miss the most is all the great and funny moments at this school.
  • I will miss everybody and the school.  It is the best school ever and I will miss it.  I will remember this school forever.
  • My old kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Zoldesy and my other teachers.
  • I will miss my awesome 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers including:  Mrs. Burnheimer, Mrs. Kahles, Mr. MacFarland, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Kratzer.  I will also miss my cousins and Mrs. Walker the most.  I love you guys!!
  • I will miss recess the most.
  • Good memories like when people who went there put their autographs on the old school bricks.  The thing I’ll miss the most in the new school is the 30 minute recess and the basketball hoop.
  • My teachers, my friends and Mrs. Walker.  I might miss the Smart Boards too.
  • I will miss intervention the most.
  • The nice teachers here because I went here my whole life.  I love this school it is the best.
  • My teachers all from 2nd grade to 5th.  They are all great people and even better teachers.  I like the sub teachers there because they are great and nice.  This is where the best teachers are in the whole world.  Mrs. Walker is the nice and best principal ever. 
  • The thing that I will miss most is all my teachers and Mrs. Walker and being in this amazing school with the amazing staff that has always been nice to me.  I will miss you Amelia Elementary.
  • The fun, loving teachers and friends from this awesome school.
  • The students and the teachers and staff.  I will miss learning something new every day.
  • All the great friends, great teachers and PTA.  This is what I am going to miss the most of all.
  • I will miss my teachers and my bff’s.  Amelia Elementary is the best school ever.
  • All the teachers and the other people here like the staff and the nurse and most of all I’ll miss Mrs. Walker and all of the 5th grade teachers because they teach you more and help you get ready for 6th grade.
  • All of the very nice teachers and how many memories the school holds.  I will also miss all of the technology and how fun it is to use it.  I really love Amelia Elementary!
  • The nice teachers here.  I will also miss helping them out.  I will miss the kindness that they give.  I will also miss the special things about this school.  Last of all I will miss not going here.
  • All the teachers I’ve had.  They were really nice and I’ll really miss them.  I really don’t want to say goodbye.
  • The teachers.  They helped me to get through tough times at school.  Also they pushed me through tests and other things.  They were fantastic and will always be.  I could never ask for anything better than them.  Thank you for everything.



Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of April 16th:

Happy Sunday.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I had two days packed with soccer games.  The rain certainly made them interesting.  I spent Saturday at Notre Dame University watching my twin sons’ soccer game… such a beautiful campus!

We have a very busy 37 days left of the school year!  Can you believe that we are in the last 8 weeks of school?

Kindergarten Weekly Schedule:  Monday/Wednesday kindergarten students will be in session on Friday, April 20th.

OAA Spirit Week:  As I had mentioned earlier,  our OAA theme this year is Amelia Tigers Race to the Top!  Mark your calendars and have fun with the following activities:

  • Monday, April 16th: Daytona 500 Day (wear your sunglasses, visors for the hot race!)
  • Tuesday, April 17th: Kentucky Derby Day (wear your favorite Derby hat!)
  • Wednesday, April 18th: Amelia Spirit Day (wear Amelia spirit wear or white and blue!)
  • Thursday, April 19th: Hawaiian Kayak Race Day (wear Hawaiian or colorful shirts and leis!)
  • Friday, April 20th: Flying Pig marathon Day  (wear your craziest socks, fastest gym  shoes and sweat bands!)

OAA Testing  Schedule:   3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be taking the Ohio Achievement Assessment in a week. Please mark your calendars and try to schedule doctor’s appointments around your child’s testing date. Our goal is to have 100% of students in attendance on their testing dates.  Students who are in attendance on testing days will participate in the OAA celebration dance held during the school day on May 25th.  Only students (3rd, 4th and 5th graders) with perfect attendance on testing days will be permitted to attend.  Lets shoot for 100% attendance on testing dates!!!

  • April 24th: 3rd grade reading OAA
  • April 25th: 4th grade reading OAA
  • April 26th: 5th grade reading OAA
  • April 27th: 3rd grade math OAA
  • May 1st: 5th grade math OAA
  • May 2nd: 4th grade math OAA
  • May 3rd: 5th grade science OAA

Book Fair:  The following link is to Amelia Elementary’s Book Fair Web Page. Parents will be able to  shop online through April 30th. The link also has our classroom shopping schedule posted. Happy shopping!  http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/ameliaelementary

Have you “friended” Amelia Tigers on FACEBOOK?  Feel free to do so for another avenue to stay informed of Amelia Elementary news and current events!

3rd, 4th and 5th grade OAA Schedule:

Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA Testing) is coming soon.  Please mark your calendars and try to schedule doctor’s appointments around your child’s testing date.  Our goal is to have 100% of students in attendance on their testing dates.

  • April 24th: 3rd grade reading OAA
  • April 25th: 4th grade reading OAA
  • April 26th: 5th grade reading OAA
  • April 27th: 3rd grade math OAA
  • May 1st: 5th grade math OAA
  • May 2nd: 4th grade math OAA
  • May 3rd: 5th grade science OAA

Tiger Bites- Week of March 19th:

What an amazing and beautiful morning!  It looks like spring is here… the students are starting to get “itchy” with spring fever. There are several items that I would like to bring to your attention this week:

Kindergarten Schedule:  Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students will be attending school on Friday of this week.

Book Fair Volunteers:  The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 16-20th.  The exciting theme for our spring 2012 Book Fair is Book Fair Luau: It’s a Reading Celebration!  We need volunteers to help put on a one-of-a-kind Book Fair.  We hope you will share your talents and join us as we bring this memorable reading celebration to our school.  If you have some time to help us plan or conduct our next Book Fair, please email at leannsmith@fuse.net  in order to volunteer for one of the following areas:

  • Setting up the Fair
  • Helping shoppers at the Fair
  • Cashiering
  • Packing up the fair

Teacher Award:  Congratulations to Mr. MacFarland who received Honorable Mention from a nomination received from his students this school year.  He will be honored on Saturday, March 31th by the Katie Haumesser Foundation.  Congratulations Mr. MacFarland for being recognized for the wonderful work that you do each day for Amelia’s students!

Mad Cap Productions:  Last Friday, students in grades pre, KDG, 1 and 2nd, were treated to a program put on by Mad Cap Productions.  This Thursday, the rest of the student body will enjoy the same performance of Jack and the Gentle Giant.  Much thanks to Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Burgess, and the PTA for bringing this opportunity to our students.

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Kindergarten Schedule for the Week of 2-6-12:

Monday/Wednesday kindergarten students will be in session on Friday, February 10th.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂

Clermont County Youth Orchesrta Program for Interested 5th Grade Students:

Dear 5th Grade AE Families,

The Northern Kentucky University Music Prep Department has created the Clermont County Youth Orchestra for West Clermont students in grades 7-12 who have a least one year experience playing a stringed instrument. Our West Clermont students rehearse on Monday evenings at Amelia High.

I have just gotten word that the program is expanding! In partnership with West Clermont, NKU’s Music Prep is now offering beginning strings instruction for students in grades 5-7 who have never played a stringed instrument before.

Parents of 5th grade students who are interested in this opportunity,  there will be a parent information night on January 23, 2012 from 5:15-6:15 at the Amelia High School band/orchestra room.

This is a great opportunity to get more information about the program, ask specific questions, have your child try instruments, get sized, and even place your rental order! Please bring your child to this meeting.

If you can’t attend Information Night, but would still like to enroll your child in the NKU Satellite Strings program, please contact them at (859) 572-PREP.

  • Cost is $160 per semester (February – May) plus the cost of instrument rental and book
  • Classes meet every Monday from 4:45–6:00pm in the Amelia HS band room
  • Students will perform a spring concert and opportunities to continue instruction both during the summer and next year will be available!

To ensure that we have enough instruments on hand to try, please RSVP before Friday, January 20, 2012 by calling (859) 572-PREP or email at musicprep@nku.edu.

Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon:

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This morning, students in Kindergarten through 5th grade were excited to learn about the 2012 Flying Pig Kids’Marathon.  In collaboration with PTA, I have decided to bring this opportunity into Amelia in order to promote fitness, fun and healthy food choices.

The goal is to walk, jog or run the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) in the months leading up to the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May.  Each student will receive a “HOG LOG” to be used to track each mile completed towards the marathon goal.  Miles will be done at school during recess or can be done with family and/or friends.  Always pick a safe place and never go out alone.

Students can complete the marathon distance by completing the final mile as part of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon26th-Mile Event on Saturday, May 5, 2012.  Experience the thrill of victory by crossing over the actual Flying Pig Marathon finish line.  All registered participants ($10.00 registration fee) will receive a finisher’s medal and a t-shirt for a job well done.

Feel free to learn more about the event at the following website:   www.flyingpigmarathon.com

HogLog_2012F    Click if you need an additional copy of the HOG LOG.