Lets Hear About Your Summer Adventures…

Happy Summer Amelia Students,

 I am hoping that you are having a wonderful summer.  I currently am on vacation with my husband, 10 year old daughter, 12 year old son and new puppy.  We have rented a RV and are traveling across the country exploring the western states.  We have been canoeing, caving, and camping.  I was in Missouri two days ago, Oklahoma yesterday and Texas today.  It is very hot here.  Today it was 105 degrees.

 I would love to hear about your summer.  Have you done anything fun or exciting?  Swimming, visiting family or vacationing?  Please reply to this post… Make sure that you ask for mom and dad’s permission before replying.  I am adding some photos of my dog, Lita’s vacation experience.  I thought that you would like to see her!  Enjoy!

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 I look forward to hearing about your adventures,

Mrs. Walker


My Day As Principal:

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My Day as Principal by Austin:

 Today my first duty as principal was morning announcements! We always start out with the pledge then the tiger oath. But every day we have little guest speakers and today we had kids from Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class to help with the announcements. After the announcements we went around the school to look at all of our busy workers of Amelia Elementary. All of the kids grades K-5 are very hard workers on Mondays. I am looking forward to the rest of the day as the assistant to the leader of Amelia elementary.

 Next, I walked around the school collecting morning envelopes filled with doctors notes, pick up notes, bus notes, sick notes, and notes for the pta. When I came into the office I made bus passes for the students who are riding the bus to a different spot than usual. Next we filed them into the correct spot by last name for each student who had a bus pass. There were a lot of notes! It’s a very busy day to be an Amelia Tiger!

Then I filed papers in teachers Mailboxes to go home in Wednesday folders. Each class (Except for 5th grade) got this important paper .These papers will be sent home in students Wednesday folders. It is a great experience being a principal for a day!

 My next job was working in the cafeteria. I helped with 1st and 2nd grade on lunch. It was a hard job but I got through it. Then I finally had my own lunch. Hamburgers with tator tots, blue berries with whipped cream, and applesauce. I’m ready for the rest of the day!

 I then went to Mrs.Ary’s first grade class and read Skippyjohn Jones and the Big Bones. They were a very excellent class and they got 9 marbles! Wow! These Amelia Tigers were very Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.

 Next, I helped with preschool they were learning the letters C and G very nice class they played with trains on a little wooden train track, they played with sand, they also dressed up like knights and played in a small kitchen. It was a very nice class.

This was a very interesting experience I hope everyone has a great week!

Doodle 4 Google:

Doodle 4 Google is back! Google invites K-12 students to use their artistic talents to think big and redesign Google’s homepage logo for millions to see. Google, believes that dreaming about future possibilities leads to tomorrow’s leaders and inventors, so this year they are inviting U.S. kids to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, “What I’d like to do someday…”


If you are interested to joining the contest see Miss Van Eman for more details. I encourage your child to take part in this exciting and creative activity through Google. If you would like more information please visit  http://www.google.com/doodle4google/.

Happy New Year:

Dear Amelia Elementary Students,

I loved staying up late when I was young, but never more than on New Year’s Eve. Hanging out with family members, favorite cousins and friends, flannel nightgowns, scary stories, lots of great food and late-night television all added up to make this a very special night. I typically was never very good at staying up past midnight, but I was wide awake and ready to count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-HAPPY NEW YEAR! when the ball dropped in Times Square. (I think I was asleep five minutes later!)

Part of the fun of New Year’s Eve was making up a list of resolutions for the next year. The resolutions I wrote as a ten-year old were certainly different from the ones I write now, but the idea of setting goals and making little promises to myself has stayed the same. (And the best part is that I’m the only one who knows if I succeed!)

I wonder as 2011 begins, if any of my students (or teachers) have made those little promises… resolutions for the new year?  I would love to see those resolutions added to this post… reading more each week, starting a new hobby or sport, helping your parents around the house, or doing something little to “fill someone’s bucket”…

I hope that you have a wonderful New Year’s celebration… have fun and stay safe!

Happy 2011!

Mrs. Walker

Help Needed:


Each year  I desperately search for ideas to let my staff know  they are special during the holiday season and this year I need your help.  I am looking for student and/or parent generated statements about what you love about Amelia Elementary.  It can be anything… something nice that a teacher, custodian, cafe worker, assistant, office staff member did in order to make your day… a favorite teacher and why they are your favorite… favorite or fun school activities, etc.  Feel free to respond to this post or to send me an email if you would feel more comfortable in doing so at walker_s2@westcler.org.   I would like to have a minimum of 50 responses.  Consider asking your children for their input as well….

Thank you so much for your help with this!

Mrs. Walker

Student Poll: September 9, 2010

Boys and Girls,

I would love to hear what your favorite thing about our new school is.  Take a minute to fill out the student poll below.  I can’t wait to see the results! 

See you tomorrow 🙂

Mrs. Walker

Blog Bits: August 3, 2010

Unpacking Day!!

Happy Tuesday!  Things are getting exciting at Amelia Elementary.  Teachers have begun unpacking and preparing classrooms for the upcoming school year.  It has been a lot of fun watching empty classrooms transform into wonderful learning environments for Amelia students.  We cant wait to show the building off to our students and parents at the 2010-11 Open House scheduled for September 2nd from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Brick Pick-up    If you are interested in having a brick from the old elementary school, feel free to stop by the new office to pick it up.  My office and custodial staff will be of assistance to you.

Enrollment for New Students:  If you are new to Amelia Elementary and need to register, please contact central enrollment as soon as possible to complete the enrollment process.   West Clermont’s Central Enrollment department will schedule appointments every day and will have extended enrollment times until 5:45 p.m. on August 11, 18 and 25 and September 1.  Enrolments are by appointment only. Call 943-5000 to schedule an appointment or 943-5042 for more information on the enrollment process. 

Blog Site:  If you have not already registered to receive updates on the home page of this blog, please consider doing so.  Once registered, you will receive instant email updates as soon as I post them.  It is my goal to keep you informed on activities, calendar changes, staff and student news, etc.  Feel free to comment on posts and I encourage students  to respond to appropriate posts as well (see: Where in the World Are Amelia Students).  I am always looking for suggestions to make the site as parent and student friendly as possible.