Mrs. Smith- Outstanding Service Award:


Congrats Mrs. Smith

Amelia Elementary kindergarten teacher, Julia Smith, was recently honored with the 2011 Outstanding Service Award presented by the Katie Haumesser Foundation acknowledging her vision and devotion to serving families affected by autism.  Julia is the founder of Families with Autism Spectrum Disorders proudly supporting families living with autism.  Congratulations Mrs. Smith, your Amelia Elementary family is very proud of you!


Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of May 2nd:

Finally a day without rain.  I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as my family and I did. 

It is hard to believe that we only have 24 days left of the school year.  It seems like yesterday when we opened our doors for the first time inviting our students, families and community into our beautiful building.  What an exciting year it has been!

OAA Assessments Continue:  Students in 4th grade will complete the math OAA while 5th grade students complete the science portion on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Please remember that being in attendance on testing days is very important. 

Teacher Appreciation Week:    The PTA has asked me to remind all students that this next week will be teacher appreciation week.  Information regarding scheduled activities were sent our previously but the following summarizes what you can do in order to show your appreciation.  Feel free to participate in recognizing your favorite teachers.

  • Monday:  Give your teacher a high-five or a hug.
  • Tuesday:  Write a thank-you note telling your teacher why he or she is great.
  • Wednesday:  Write an acrostic poem/draw a picture.
  • Thursday:  Give your teacher a compliment.
  • Friday:  Bring a treat for the Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch

Election Day:  Just a reminder that Tuesday, May 3rd is Election Day.  This is a great “teachable moment” for your child.  Consider discussing the importance of voting  to your child and bring them with you (before/after school) to observe you and community members perform their civic duty. 

The Amelia Elementary Dance Club:


Amelia Elementary Dance Club

This Spring Amelia Elementary began a brand new after school activity! The Amelia Elementary Dance Club, with their coach MegAnn Michael, has been working hard choreographing and learning two different dances for the upcoming talent show at Amelia Elementary. They meet on Mondays and Wednesdays after school to practice their dancing and work together as a team! It has been a wonderful experience and the 18 dancers have had a blast learning and sharing their passion for dance.

5th grade Band Meeting Tonight:

I just received notice that there will be a meeting tonight, Thursday, April 28th, regarding instrument rentals for 5th grade students interested in band during the next school year.  The meeting will be at Amelia Middle School in the cafeteria from 7 to 9. There will be three music stores there to answer questions about instrument rental and the music staff also to help students pick out an instrument.

Save the Date:

West Clermont is holding a rally on Friday, April 29th from 5-7 pm at Veteran’s Park (Helicopter Park).  Invite family, friends and neighbors to this fun event that will include food, games for kids, live music, and fun for the whole family!  Save the date and help us get the word out to come together in support of  West Clermont Schools.

West Clermont Art Show:

Thanks to 18 art teachers and hundreds of West Clermont K-12 students, the 2011 West Clermont Art Show was a huge success. Withamsville-Tobasco Elementary hosted this year’s exhibit, showcasing hundreds of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. Over a thousand visitors enjoyed the show: viewing student work, listening to live music, and watching teachers and students create art on-the-spot. Every year the show just gets bigger and better! 

Check out photos of Amelia Elementary artwork, Mrs. Koehler, our talented students and their proud families!

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OAA Performances:

Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Amelia Elementary participated in an OAA pep rally celebrating the upcoming Ohio Achievement Assessment.  Each classroom had the opportunity to perform a song, dance or skit focusing on encouraging students to “do their best” and to “show what they know” on next week’s state assessments.  What a fun afternoon!  I will be adding video clips during the next few days of student performances.  It is apparent that not only are our students incredibly smart, but very talented too!  🙂

Like all performers, we would love to hear your positive feedback regarding our performances.  Feel free to leave AE’s amazing performers a message by replying to this post. 


OAA Chant-  OAA, Bring it on!!!!————>     SchoolTube – OAA Chant.

Mrs. Fowler’s —–>     SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Fowler 5th grade

Mrs. Fowler song #2—–>  SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Fowler 5th grade.

Mrs. Kratzer’s—–> SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Kratzer.

Mrs. Hucker’s —–>    SchoolTube – Mrs. Hucker’s OAA Song:.