Suprise in the Mailbox:

I recently recieved a letter from a gentleman from Plano, Texas.  The following is the content of the letter (see the photo):  I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did.  Thank you Mr. McLendon from Texas!!

To the Principal of Amelia Elementary,

Enclosed are many free nice stamps from around the world. They are interesting, beautiful and fun to collect.  They can be used for “show and tell” or as a teaching tool for your teachers.

Each stamp tells a story about art, famous events, geography, history, military, music, nations, people, science and sports.  Please tell me if you want or need more.

Vaya con dios,

Mr. McLendon

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Amelia Elementary’s FACEBOOK Page:

Happy Thursday!  I am experimenting with adding an Amelia Elementary FACEBOOK page to better communicate with our school community.  Feel free to access and interact with the page.  Please remember that our students have Facebook pages, so keep the posts positive and appropriate.  Hope that you enjoy the new feature!   Search for “Amelia Tigers” on FACEBOOK!

Happy New Year!  ~Mrs. Walker

Parents’ Right to Know Requirements for NCLB:

Because Amelia Elementary receives Title 1 funds, we are required to post the attached information on our school website. This is part of our compliance review audit for 2011-12.

Parents’ Right to Know:  The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act states that parents/guardians with a child in a Title 1 funded school have the right to know about the teaching qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher.

 These qualifications include:

1. Whether the teacher has met the Ohio teacher licensing criteria for the grade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides the child’s instruction.

2. Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or temporary status that waives state licensing requirements.

3. The undergraduate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate degree or certification held by the teacher and the field of discipline of certification or degree.

4. Whether your child is provided services by instructional paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

You may ask for this information by contacting Cheryl Turner at Please include child’s full name, parent/guardian full name and address in your request.

Info Regarding School Closing Due to Inclement Weather:

AE Families,

Now that winter weather has found us, please take the time to read the following letter provided by the transportation department regarding school closures due to inclement weather.  Please know that in addition to closures/delays being reported to the media,  the district will be using the all-call phone  system to notify you of school status.  Additionally, I will be posting information to our school blog site.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures communicated through this letter, feel free to contact transportation at 752-4020.   Thanks,  Mrs. Walker

To:                     Parents and Students  Being provided Transportation by WC

Subject:            School Closing Due to Inclement Weather

Winters in Cincinnati are typically unpredictable.  Many questions are raised regarding the policy and procedures followed for school closing and delays.

When there is a possibility of snow, sleet, etc. we take the following steps to monitor the situation.  Travel conditions are checked in the district starting at 4:00 AM.  In order to allow sufficient time for the media to broadcast our messages, we must reach a decision and notify them by 5:30 A.M.  This usually ensures the message being broadcasted by 6:15 A.M.  Factors considered include the current road conditions (particularly hills, intersections, and turnarounds), the progress which the street maintenance crews are making with salting and plowing, and the weather forecasts and reports from state, county and township road crews.

The West Clermont Local School District approved a Limited Bus Service plan to certain areas of the school district when bus turnarounds and intersections are snow covered.  (This plan may be used the second or third day following a heavy storm and allow us to have the entire district open for school.)

We sometimes utilize a one or two-hour delay because this allows additional time for road crews to complete their work.  If you hear a one or two-hour delay, you should continue to monitor your radio since changing conditions could warrant closing later.  We call a centralized media reporting service, which prepares the listing of school delays and closings for most of the local radio and television stations.  The following stations are included in this service:

RADIO:  91.7 FM, 92.5 FM, 94.9 FM, 95.5 FM, 98.5 FM. 100.9 FM, 101.9 FM, 103.5 FM, 106.5 FM, 107.1 FM, 93.3 FM, 105.1 FM, 102.7 FM, 94.1 FM, 1560 AM, 550 AM, 700 AM, 1530 AM

TELEVISION:  Channel 9, Channel 5, Channel 12, Channel 19, Channel 64

The media will announce one of the following:

One-Hour Delay in School Starting Time: Busses will run regular routes one hour later (public and nonpublic).

Two-Hour Delay in School Starting Time:  Busses will run regular routes two hours later (public and nonpublic).

Schools Closed:  No transportation service provided (public and nonpublic).

Limited Bus Service:  A plan that will only be used the second or third day after a heavy snow when turnarounds are not clear.  Limited bus service will only be used in extreme conditions.  It required some students to ride an alternate bus stop.

Early Dismissals:  Mid-day inclement weather can create different problems; however, we seldom use early dismissals.  We are reluctant to do that for several reasons.

  1. The bus fleet starts its sequence of afternoon runs at 2:00 PM.  In order to dismiss one hour early, we must decide no later than 11:45 AM to implement the early dismissal properly.
  2. If we dismiss early, there is the possibility of children being dropped off at home with no one there to let them in.

If conditions in the afternoon are such that parents wish to go to school and pick up their children safely, they may do so.  The principal will release the children to parents, and the absence will be excused.

We advise our drivers to be cautious and to take their time in inclement weather, so it is not unusual for busses to run late.  If drivers are unable to travel to a particular road safely, they are instructed to return with the affected students and parents are notified so that other transportation arrangements can be made.  However, this seldom occurs.

All of our busses are equipped with direct radio communication to the transportation office.  This enables us to monitor the status of the fleet, as well as the road conditions throughout the district.  Parents and students are encouraged to listen to the radio or to watch television for announcements concerning changes in our school times or bus schedules.  Please do not call the transportation office or the school for this information.  Please be assured that we shall continue to exercise every effort to transport our children safely.  If you ask an individual wish to exercise parental decisions different from ours, we will work with you to facilitate those decisions.


Sharon Stark

Operations Manager

Department of Transportation

West Clermont Local School District

January Lunch Menu:

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Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd Grade Can Food Drive:

Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd grade class collected can goods for the local food pantry.  The following are student written explanations of the project. ENJOY!

  • The reason that we collected cans was to help the hungry.  It was important to help the hungry because it is near Christmas and not a lot of people have wealth. We went over our goal because we wanted to give more than receive. (Written by Emily, Andrew, Sam and Aurora)
  • It was a good thing that we helped the hungry. We did this so people will that we are nice and forgiving people.  It made us feel special.  We gave lots of food to them and we gave drinks too.  We gave people cans of food because we will be nice to all of the hungry people to help them feel better.  (Written by Josh, Gabbriella, Haley and Ryan)
  • We did this because we really care about the hungry and they need food to survive.  They are really poor because they do not have any money.  We think they appreciate it because they are really hungry.  We hope you enjoy your meal.  (Written by Logan, Madison, Bradley and Mackenzie)
  • We did this for the hungry ones and to save the hungry people.  The people who do not have money can buy this for free!  We brought 85 can goods from our grandparents and ourselves.  We reached our goal of more than 50 can goods.  P.S. We did not do this for a treat.  We did this for hungry people.  (Written by Kacey, Rebecca, Jordan and Leana)
  • We made a total of 89 cans.  We worked to hard to give them the food that they needed.  We decided that it would be good to give can goods to the hungry people.  (Written by Natalie, A.J., Tony and Abby)


Mrs. Moorehead's Class

From our Family to Yours: