Security: Entrance to the Office

Beginning Wednesday, December 15th, the security system has been repaired and activated.  In order for visitors to enter the building, they must be buzzed into the office.  Directly outside of the office door is a buzzer system clearly marked.  See the photo below.  The security system is in place in order to monitor who enters the building and to keep our students safe.  Please be patient as we begin using this on a daily basis.

Press to Enter Office


Grand Opening Dedication Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting

Singing of National Anthem

On Sunday, September 19th, the Amelia Elementary Community celebrated the opening of our new school at the dedication ceremony.

Welcome Home!
Many thanks to 5th grade students for their beautiful performance, 1st grader Ellie, 2nd grader Sarah, 3rd grader Mazzy, 4th grader Josh and 5th grader Matthew for participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Burying of 2008 Groundbreaking Time Capsule:

Today was another wonderful day.  While students were inside hard at work, the contractors continued with the finishing touches.  Several years ago, at the groundbreaking ceremony, students and staff members complied time capsule artifacts for the future students of Amelia Elementary.  The time capsule had been sealed and patiently waiting for its final resting place.  Today, the time capsule was buried at the flag pole placed directly under the 1931 cornerstone of the old building.  It is exciting to think that future Amelia Elementary students will one day unearth it and learn a great deal about today’s school community.

Welcome Home Amelia Elementary

I recently created a video of the construction, demolition and moving process.  Included are photos from the recent open house.  I hope that you enjoy!

Amelia Elementary: Nothing Can Get in Our Way.

Old Amelia insignia, cornerstone to be installed at new school

Click the following link to see Amelia Elementary in the news!

Old Amelia insignia, cornerstone to be installed at new school.

Traffic Pattern Layout

As you begin to prepare for the start of the 2010-11 school year, please note the traffic pattern sketch in order to limit confusion on the first day.  The driveway entrance at 125 is expected to be completed before the first day of school.  Parents will enter and exit the parking lot through that drive.  ONLY busses will use the new Chapel road entrance located behind the school.  A hard copy of these procedures will be available at open house.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Amelia Office with questions.  Have a great weekend!

Electrical Damage at Amelia Elementary:

As some of you may have heard, the new school suffered damage from an electrical surge that occurred last Monday.  See the following article dated Friday, August 6, 2010 as was posted on  Repairs are not expected to interfere with the start of the 2010-2011 school year.

Officials in the West Clermont Local School District are meeting with adjusters and contractors to repair damage to the new Amelia Elementary’s electrical systems.   A number of electrical controls and appliances were damaged when a car hit a utility pole causing a “major power surge,” said Ed Dyer, the district’s director of operations. The damage will cost several hundred thousand dollars and includes the air conditioner chiller, the variable speed drives (which control the motors to keep the building’s energy efficient,) the boiler controls, the light ballasts, the elevator controls and a mixer in the kitchen, Dyer said. “Those are the damages we know right now, but anything electronic is suspect. We’re in the process of going through everything now,” he said. Lt. Randy McElfresh, Batavia post commander of Ohio State Highway Patrol, said the crash occurred at 6:20 a.m. Monday, Aug. 2, at Chapel Road and Ohio 132.   “The crash burned up Duke’s transformer and, as a result, the surge went into Amelia Elementary and caused major damage,” Dyer said. The elementary school repairs will be submitted as an insurance claim, Dyer said. The repairs should not delay the start of school.  “This is major, but we’ve assembled a team and we expect to have everything up and running by the first day of school (Sept. 7,)” Dyer said. “We have a month. It’s not a lot of time, but it’s time.”