Amelia Thanksgiving Celebrations:

The kindergarten students in Miss Michael’s class celebrated Thanksgiving with a holiday feast of their own.  Together they created butter from whipping cream, cornbread, and made their very own turkeys.  They dined in Native American and Pilgrim garb and shared what they were most thankful for.  It was a busy day, but the kindergarteners sure had a blast!  The pictures below show them dressed up and eating their delicious meal.

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During their Unit discussion on past/present, the second graders  at Amelia Elementary discovered many items that were different from the past compared to the present.  They researched information about clothing, jobs, technology, and much more. The students main research was about Native American vests.  They found that Native Americans’ made their clothing by hand and used materials from the environment. The students created vests with similar patterns and symbols to wear for their Thanksgiving celebration.  

Help Needed:


Each year  I desperately search for ideas to let my staff know  they are special during the holiday season and this year I need your help.  I am looking for student and/or parent generated statements about what you love about Amelia Elementary.  It can be anything… something nice that a teacher, custodian, cafe worker, assistant, office staff member did in order to make your day… a favorite teacher and why they are your favorite… favorite or fun school activities, etc.  Feel free to respond to this post or to send me an email if you would feel more comfortable in doing so at   I would like to have a minimum of 50 responses.  Consider asking your children for their input as well….

Thank you so much for your help with this!

Mrs. Walker

Mrs. Hucker’s Veterans Day Brunch 2010


Veterans Day Brunch


Mrs. Hucker’s third grade students welcomed veterans to their class on Friday, November 12th to thank them for their service to our country.  The students, Mrs. Hucker, and Mrs. Smith provided their guests with pastries and beverages while the men shared stories of their days in the military.  Charlie Mauch was accompanied by his wife Nancy.  He served in the Army in Fort Knox from 1956-1964.  Presently Charlie volunteers at Amelia Elementary and you can find him helping with the school busses or with the recycling program.  Russel Grimes, Allison’s grandfather, served in the Air Force from 1960-1964.  Ed Bradshaw, Ryan’s grandfather, served in the US Army 101 Airborne Division.  He said he was able to see a lot of the world, and he saw how poor the people of Vietnam were.  Josh introduced his great-grandfather, Burrel Saylor, who served as a Navy pilot in the Bomber Squadron during WWII from 1944-1946 patrolling the waters for Japanese submarines.  Christopher’s step-dad, Michael Mather, served in the Air Force and is now in the Army.  His job is known as the “eyes of the artillery” and he has served in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq.  Daniel’s guest, his grandfather Allen Bolender, served in the US Navy from 1964-1968 as a radioman.  He said that he talked to every ship and plane including the Maritime Mobile.  The highlight of his service was to climb Mount Fuji.  One student, Paige, has an uncle who was unable to attend but sent a letter and pictures about his service in the Army.  We were able to hear about Sergeant First Class Kevin White’s experiences in Iraq.  Mrs. Hucker’s students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, shared essays, and performed songs to honor their country and these men that have served our great nation. ** Special thanks to Panera Bread in Eastgate for donating to this special event and to the parents that supported this event also.

Mrs. Walker’s Blog Bits: November Turns Into December

Technology Club

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, are well rested and ready to learn.  There are officially 19 school days until winter break and we have tons of fun activities planned. 

We have been doing many exciting things during the past few weeks:

  • Mrs. Hucker’s class honored veterans by having breakfast for students and their guests.
  • Mrs. Moorehead’s class celebrated the end of the quarter by reading in “Camp Read A Lot.”
  • All students learned about the character traits of: TRUSTWORTHINESS, FAIRNESS, RESPECT, CARING, RESPONSIBILITY, and CITIZENSHIP during an assembly titled, Character Magic.  The presenter, Pat Ireland, was featured for several years on PBS in the television show, Weird Science.  I am sure many of our parents may remember that after school special. 
  • 5th grade students are working hard running the school’s RECYCLING Program.  We have a recycling dumpster located at the back of the building by the bus loop.  Feel free to use it for your personal recycling.  Remember that it can ONLY take paper… no cardboard, boxes, plastics, etc.  The money collected from our recycling project will help fund the 5th grade Camp Kern trip.
  • Mr. Crandall has been working hard with the 4th and 5th grade after school chorus.  They will be performing at 7:00 on December 21st.
  • Mrs. Evans and Miss Van Eman have started a before school technology club.  These students will learn valuable computer skills and will even help the school with technology needs and projects.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences were a success.  We thank all of our parents for giving us time to discuss the progress of your students.  Feel free to contact you teacher any time with questions or concerns.  If you are in need of contact information, click on the CONTACT INFO tab on the top of the blog site.
  • Our last PTA meeting was held on November 15th.  We had another large turnout.  I invite you to join us on January 10th at 6:30 in order to discuss programs and opportunities  for our AE students. 

Lastly, I would like to wish Mrs. Wells (kindergarten), Mrs. Hucker (3rd grade) and Mrs. Smith (special education) wonderful birthdays as they are celebrating another year this week.  🙂  

Recycling at Amelia Elementary

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all of my Amelia Elementary students and families a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. 

I am very thankful to be your principal… I couldn’t think of a better place to be.

Mrs. Walker

Amelia Elementary Expected Behaviors:

Amelia Elementary students take pride in positive school behavior. 

Our school Oath is:   I am an Amelia Tiger.  Amelia Tigers are Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  When students make appropriate or poor decisions regarding school behavior, we reference the school oath as a teaching tool.  The following posters are expected procedures in common areas of the school environment.  Feel free to reference school procedures as appropriate.

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The PTA is looking for VOLUNTEERS!!!

With the holiday season approaching, the PTA is in need of volunteers to help at some of our events. 
The Breakfast with Santa will be held on December 11, 2010 from 9-11 am.  This is the 2nd year for this fun event.  Volunteers are needed to work the door taking tickets, to work at the santa shop by  helping the little ones shop and to help with the breakfast itself by serving and helping in the kitchen.  
The Holiday Shop will be December 13-17 and we are looking for volunteers to work the shop during school hours.  Please email Chris Gillespie @ if you would like to help out.  Make sure to include the day(s) you are available and the times as well.  
Our Market Day Chair is looking for volunteers to help make pickup reminder calls to our customers and to help out on pickup night.  Each of these would be 1 time per month.  The phone calls usually take less than 30 minutes and the pickup nights are about 2 hours or whatever you are available.
In December, the PTA would like to make a donation to a local charity.  The holiday season is a time of great need for many and we’d like to give back a little something.  To make this a fun and exciting event for our students, we would like to have a contest to encourage participation in donations.  WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO GET YOUR CHECK BOOK OUT!!!!  What we would like to do is collect CHANGE – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters – even dollars if you would like.  During the week of December 13-17, there will be jugs in the cafeteria for students to drop their change in – each grade will have their own jug as well as the office staff.  The teachers from the grade level (or office staff) that collects the most money during the week will SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS to the students during lunch on December 22!!  The winner of the contest will be announced Monday, December 20.
We need your help getting this started – we would like to know your favorite local charity.  Once we have a list, we will take the top 5 or 6 and the winning group from the contest will decide which charity we give the money to.  We hope this will be a fun way to show our families how much rewarding and fun it is to give something back! 
Please reply to this post with charity ideas.