District News:

The West Clermont District Office has posted several items on the district website that might be of interst to you.  I have added the links to this post for your information.

Bus Eligibility 2011-2012

  • Click below to see if your address qualifies for busing and is greater than two miles from your child’s elementary or middle school.
  • High school students are not eligible for busing.
  • Enter your street number only and then click the red find button. Additional directions are on the page.

Click here to Check Bus Eligibility


Click below in order to see the school supply lists for the elementary and middle schools:

Elementary Supply List

Middle School Supply List



Lets Hear About Your Summer Adventures…

Happy Summer Amelia Students,

 I am hoping that you are having a wonderful summer.  I currently am on vacation with my husband, 10 year old daughter, 12 year old son and new puppy.  We have rented a RV and are traveling across the country exploring the western states.  We have been canoeing, caving, and camping.  I was in Missouri two days ago, Oklahoma yesterday and Texas today.  It is very hot here.  Today it was 105 degrees.

 I would love to hear about your summer.  Have you done anything fun or exciting?  Swimming, visiting family or vacationing?  Please reply to this post… Make sure that you ask for mom and dad’s permission before replying.  I am adding some photos of my dog, Lita’s vacation experience.  I thought that you would like to see her!  Enjoy!

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 I look forward to hearing about your adventures,

Mrs. Walker