Very Lucky Principal:

Dear Amelia Tigers,

Wow, what a wonderful birthday!  I wanted to let you know that I loved all of the birthday cards, letters and presents that you made for me.  My desk was covered by the end of the day.  I had many classes sing Happy Birthday and I think that I may have broken the world record for getting the most hugs in a single day.  I wanted to let you know that I consider myself to be the luckiest principal in the world to have such amazing and caring students!  Thank you for making my day extra special!

Love you all,

Mrs. Walker




4 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Walker! You’re the best! < ❤ From Kyla A. Rice

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Words can’t express how lucky Jaiden and I are to have you in our lives. You are a remarkable woman and have every reason to feel special! Hugs to you! Julie Johnston ;o)

  3. Happy Birthday to the BEST PRINCIPAL around! Alexis and Chloe absolutly adore you! : )
    The Stewart Family

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