Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd Grade Can Food Drive:

Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd grade class collected can goods for the local food pantry.  The following are student written explanations of the project. ENJOY!

  • The reason that we collected cans was to help the hungry.  It was important to help the hungry because it is near Christmas and not a lot of people have wealth. We went over our goal because we wanted to give more than receive. (Written by Emily, Andrew, Sam and Aurora)
  • It was a good thing that we helped the hungry. We did this so people will that we are nice and forgiving people.  It made us feel special.  We gave lots of food to them and we gave drinks too.  We gave people cans of food because we will be nice to all of the hungry people to help them feel better.  (Written by Josh, Gabbriella, Haley and Ryan)
  • We did this because we really care about the hungry and they need food to survive.  They are really poor because they do not have any money.  We think they appreciate it because they are really hungry.  We hope you enjoy your meal.  (Written by Logan, Madison, Bradley and Mackenzie)
  • We did this for the hungry ones and to save the hungry people.  The people who do not have money can buy this for free!  We brought 85 can goods from our grandparents and ourselves.  We reached our goal of more than 50 can goods.  P.S. We did not do this for a treat.  We did this for hungry people.  (Written by Kacey, Rebecca, Jordan and Leana)
  • We made a total of 89 cans.  We worked to hard to give them the food that they needed.  We decided that it would be good to give can goods to the hungry people.  (Written by Natalie, A.J., Tony and Abby)


Mrs. Moorehead's Class


Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of December 19th:

Good Evening, Amelia families, this is the weekly update for the week of December 19th. 

We have a lot of exciting things going on at Amelia this week.  A big thank you needs to go out for the PTA for organizing Santa’s holiday shop and breakfast with Santa.  I know the students really appreciated it and had a wonderful time.

 Second quarter interims went home with students this past Friday in grades 1-5. Be sure to look in folders and backpacks. 

On Tuesday, December 20th, our fifth grade students will take a field trip to AHS for a music sampler. The field trip will last from 9:40-11:10. 

On Friday December 23, we will have our holiday classroom parties from 1:50-2:50. T/TH kindergarten students will be holding their classroom parties on Thursday, December 22nd.

This week kindergarten students enrolled in the Monday/Wednesday session will attend school on Friday.

We have several staff members celebrating birthdays this week:

  • Sunday, December 18th: Mrs. Amann (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Tuesday, December 20th: Mrs. Heltzer (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Saturday, December 24th:  Mr. Rooks (Evening Custodian)

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday and I look forward seeing everyone January 3rd.

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Red Ribbon Week: Celebrate with Us!

Red Ribbon Week brings millions of people together to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Amelia Elementary is celebrating Red Ribbon Week on Monday, October 24 – Friday, October 28.


Monday, October 24: Kick-off to Red Ribbon Week; Wear Red!

Tuesday, October 25: “Put A Cap on Drugs”; Wear your favorite hat

Wednesday, October 26: “Follow Your Dreams, NOT Drugs”; Wear your PJs

Thursday, October 27: “Do Sports, NOT Drugs”; Wear your favorite sports attire

Friday, October 28: “Tie Down Drugs”; Wear a silly, colorful, fun tie



We can’t wait to see all the fun ideas!

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Here’s to an Exciting Start to the 2011-12 School Year:

I remember as a child finding it difficult to fall sleep the night before the first day of school.  There were so many things to wonder about… Will I find my classroom?  Will my teacher be nice? Will I be able to sit by my best friend? 

I anticipate that many of you will be experiencing the same feelings tonight.   No worries though, I am certain that tomorrow will bring lots of fun and excitement.    My secret is that I still get excited many years later during each new school year.  I can’t wait to see all of my amazing Amelia Tigers tomorrow morning! 

2nd Grade Mrs. Walker

Just a few pointers to help tomorrow run smoothly:

  • As I discussed at the transportation meetings, it is vital that parents listen and follow the directives of my staff during arrival and dismissal.  It is our goal to ensure that all students are safe.  I anticipate that it will take an extended period of time during the first week of school for dismissal and arrival.  Please be patient with all of us.  My staff, students and parents will get better with practice.
  • Arrival will begin at 8:45 AM.  Please do NOT drop your children off before this time.  Wait for my staff members to open car doors before letting your children out of the cars.  This is to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • If you did not pick up transportation tags, you must do this tomorrow.  This is so that we know where your children should go at the end of the day.  I have several students that this applies to. 
  • It is important that during dismissal, that car respect the traffic flow and go to the correct pick-up location (A-z & car pool: front of building and I-Z: back of the building)
  • All back packs must have their designated transportation mode tag attached.  Additionally, if you are picking up your child you must have the car tag as well.  If not, you will be directed to come to the office to sign your child out.

 Teachers will be creating and updating classroom blog sites.  We are attempting to reduce paper and feel that this is a great way to communicate with you.  Feel free to check teacher sites as listed on the left side of this site.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Stephanie Walker

Walk-a-thon Fun:

Walk-a-thon was so much fun!  Enjoy the photo slide-show from today’s festivities 🙂

The classrooms in each grade level that collected the most donations will receive an extra recess and pizza party.  The winners are:

  • Mrs. Berchtold’s AM Preschool Class
  • Miss Michael’s AM Kindergarten Class
  • Mrs. Ary’s 1st Grade Class
  • Mrs. Knapke’s 2nd Grade Class
  • Mrs. Burnheimer’s 3rd Grade Class
  • Mr. MacFarland’s 4th Grade Class
  • Mrs. Fowler’s 5th Grade Class

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News in the Arts:

Earlier in the school year, PTA challenged 4th and 5th grade students with creating artwork for the cover, back and title pages of the 2010-11 edition of the Amelia Elementary yearbook.  Congratulations to Emma, Savannah and Hannah for their creativity.  We can’t wait to see their artwork published!

On Thursday, May 5th,  5th grade students had two performances during the school day for their peers at Amelia Elementary.  The performance was unique in that groups of 8-10 students worked together to create a short performance piece incorporating text, music and movement.  It was wonderful seeing our 5th grade students showcasing their artistic abilities.

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EGGcitement in Kindergarten at Amelia Elementary!

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The kindergarten students at Amelia Elementary were introduced to the life cycle of chickens 21 days ago.  Excitement mounted each day as the children looked at pictures of the baby chicks daily growth.  On April 11th the children came into the classroom to find one baby chick hatched and one ready to hatch.  We were able to capture the baby chick hatching on video while the students watched the process on the Smart Board.  We were able to do this by using our document camera.  All the children had a clear view of the chick as it came into the world….there was EGGcitement in Kindergarten at Amelia Elementary!!!