Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites- Week of May 2nd:

Finally a day without rain.  I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as my family and I did. 

It is hard to believe that we only have 24 days left of the school year.  It seems like yesterday when we opened our doors for the first time inviting our students, families and community into our beautiful building.  What an exciting year it has been!

OAA Assessments Continue:  Students in 4th grade will complete the math OAA while 5th grade students complete the science portion on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Please remember that being in attendance on testing days is very important. 

Teacher Appreciation Week:    The PTA has asked me to remind all students that this next week will be teacher appreciation week.  Information regarding scheduled activities were sent our previously but the following summarizes what you can do in order to show your appreciation.  Feel free to participate in recognizing your favorite teachers.

  • Monday:  Give your teacher a high-five or a hug.
  • Tuesday:  Write a thank-you note telling your teacher why he or she is great.
  • Wednesday:  Write an acrostic poem/draw a picture.
  • Thursday:  Give your teacher a compliment.
  • Friday:  Bring a treat for the Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch

Election Day:  Just a reminder that Tuesday, May 3rd is Election Day.  This is a great “teachable moment” for your child.  Consider discussing the importance of voting  to your child and bring them with you (before/after school) to observe you and community members perform their civic duty. 


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