Easter Egg Hunt:

Amelia Elementary will be partnering with The Village of Amelia to host the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Spencer Shank Park!

Saturday, April 7th: 11:00 at 70 Robin Way, Amelia, Ohio

If you plan to attend the Easter Egg Hunt, we ask that you please send in a bag (or more) of individually wrapped candy no later than this Thursday, March 29. No chocolate, please. Be sure to label your bag with your teacher’s name – the class with the most candy donated will win a pizza party!! Don’t forget to bring your camera… The Easter Bunny will be stopping by!


3rd, 4th and 5th grade OAA Schedule:

Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA Testing) is coming soon.  Please mark your calendars and try to schedule doctor’s appointments around your child’s testing date.  Our goal is to have 100% of students in attendance on their testing dates.

  • April 24th: 3rd grade reading OAA
  • April 25th: 4th grade reading OAA
  • April 26th: 5th grade reading OAA
  • April 27th: 3rd grade math OAA
  • May 1st: 5th grade math OAA
  • May 2nd: 4th grade math OAA
  • May 3rd: 5th grade science OAA

Mrs. Walker’s Tiger Bites:

Kindergarten Weekly Schedule:  This week, Monday/Wednesday kindergarten students will attend school on Friday, march 30th.

5th Grade Attends Camp:  This is the week that 5th grade students have been waiting for.  Students will be attending Camp Kern on Wednesday-Friday of this week.  Remember that the Tiger Oath applies at camp as well.  I am looking forward to hearing good reports from camp staff members and parent volunteers about our respectful, responsible and safe Amelia Tigers!!

Tornado Drill:  We will have a practice tornado drill on Tuesday morning at 10:00.

Spring Break:  Spring break will be next week, April 2nd through April 6th.  Students will come back to school on Monday, April 9th.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful break with family!

Kindergarten Baby Chicks:

Kindergarten Students at Amelia Elementary School have been studying the life cycle of chickens. This week kindergarten students witnessed a baby chick hatch from its egg. This video is 8 minutes long, but well worth the watch! Enjoy!


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Mrs. Marcotte’s Classroom Weather Observations:

Mrs. Marcotte’s class recently started recording weather data.  Yesterday, students made wind socks to compare estimated wind speed with the wind speed reported on a local weather station.  The student really enjoyed making the comparisons and observations. The gusts of wind were a big hit!


Just a reminder to our Amelia parents and grandparents, Amelia Elementary has a FACEBOOK page.  Have you “friended” Amelia Tigers?  This is another source of communication between the school and families.

Tiger Bites- Week of March 19th:

What an amazing and beautiful morning!  It looks like spring is here… the students are starting to get “itchy” with spring fever. There are several items that I would like to bring to your attention this week:

Kindergarten Schedule:  Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students will be attending school on Friday of this week.

Book Fair Volunteers:  The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 16-20th.  The exciting theme for our spring 2012 Book Fair is Book Fair Luau: It’s a Reading Celebration!  We need volunteers to help put on a one-of-a-kind Book Fair.  We hope you will share your talents and join us as we bring this memorable reading celebration to our school.  If you have some time to help us plan or conduct our next Book Fair, please email at leannsmith@fuse.net  in order to volunteer for one of the following areas:

  • Setting up the Fair
  • Helping shoppers at the Fair
  • Cashiering
  • Packing up the fair

Teacher Award:  Congratulations to Mr. MacFarland who received Honorable Mention from a nomination received from his students this school year.  He will be honored on Saturday, March 31th by the Katie Haumesser Foundation.  Congratulations Mr. MacFarland for being recognized for the wonderful work that you do each day for Amelia’s students!

Mad Cap Productions:  Last Friday, students in grades pre, KDG, 1 and 2nd, were treated to a program put on by Mad Cap Productions.  This Thursday, the rest of the student body will enjoy the same performance of Jack and the Gentle Giant.  Much thanks to Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Burgess, and the PTA for bringing this opportunity to our students.

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