Contact Info:

Mrs. Amann 943-3827 3rd grade
Mrs. Ary 943-3836 1st grade
Mrs. Berchtold 943-3856 preschool
Mrs. Burgess 943-3847 reading specialist
Mrs. Burnheimer 943-3823 3rd grade
Mrs. Carter 943-3848 1st grade
Mrs. Evans 943-3839 5th grade
Mrs. Fowler 943-3833 5th grade
Mrs. Fuller 943-3849  reading specialist
Mrs. Hale 943-3869 1st grade
Mrs. Heltzer 943-3826 2nd grade
Ms. Hennessey 943-3829 5th grade
Mrs. Hucker 943-3828 3rd grade
Mrs. Johnson 1st grade
Mrs. Johnston 943-3863 admin assistant
Mrs. Jones 943-8910 mental health services
Mrs. Kahles 943-3832  4th grade
Mrs. Knapke 943-3824  2nd grade
Mrs. Knudsen 943-3800  secretary
Ms. Koester (Dunn) 943-3810 3rd grade
 Mrs. Staffiera  943-3821  5th grade
Mrs. Kratzer 943-3838 5th grade
Mrs. Langdon 943-3850 4th grade
Mrs. Light 943-3820 1st grade
Mr. Macfarland 943-3852 4th grade
Mrs. Marcotte 943-3822 4th grade
Mrs. Trent 943-3818 kindergarten
Mrs. Moorehead 943-3819 3rd grade
Mrs. Rooks 943-3800 secretary
Mrs. Rothman occupational therapist
Mrs. Rupp assistant
Mrs. Schneider 943-3835   4th grade
Mrs. Smith 943-3840  special education
Mrs. Smith 943-3817 kindergarten
Mrs. Stemmer 943-3841 special education
Mrs. Uecker 943-3806 cafeteria manager
Mrs. Amann 943-3827 3rd grade
Mrs. Varney 943-3816 2nd grade
Mrs. Vastine 943-3803 health aide
Mrs. Walker 943-3800 principal
Mrs. Webber 943-3812 intervention psychologist
Mrs. Wells 943-3815 kindergarten
Mrs. Wolff 943-3853 2nd Grade
Mrs. Wright    preschool assistant
Mrs. Yacks 943-3813 speech pathologist
Mrs. Zoldesy 943-3830  2nd grade

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