•             DROPPING OFF CAMP GEAR – You may drop off your child’s gear after school today from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. or tomorrow morning before 8:45 a.m.  DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD’S GEAR ON THE BUS!!   If you are dropping off your child and their gear tomorrow morning, please park in a parking spot.  Do not park in the drop off circle as this will cause a traffic jam!   We will have signs with teachers’ names posted in the cafeteria.  Place your child’s gear next to his/her teacher’s name.   Remember to put your child’s name on everything and pack it in a large garbage bag or duffel bag.  No suitcases please!

•             MEDICATIONS – All medications need to be in the original container and must have an authorization form signed by your child’s doctor.

•             WEATHER – The forecast for our camp trip is cold, wet, and snowy!  We will be outside regardless!!  Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather – waterproof shoes/boots, gloves, hats, extra socks, and plenty of warm clothing.  We have included another copy of the packing list on the back of this form.

•             DIRECTIONS – We have included directions to Camp Kern.  Please keep this in a safe place in case you would need to drive to Camp Kern for any reason!

Please contact a 5th grade teacher with questions, 943-3800.

Camp Kern Outdoor Education Packing List (Based on 2 ½ days at camp)

Essential Clothing (We will be outside rain, mud, or shine!)

____     1 pair of rubber boots or waterproof boots

____     Waterproof raincoat or poncho

____     Footwear with heels if horseback riding


Other Clothing

____     2 pair of jeans/old pants (sweats are OK)

____     1 pair of sneakers

____     3 changes of underwear

____     3 pair of heavy socks

____     Sweater or Sweatshirt

____     Pajamas

____     Laundry bag or pillowcase

____     Jacket

____     2 Shirts (one long sleeved)


Extra Cold Weather Clothing  (Plan to Dress in Layers)

____     Stocking cap

____     3 more pairs of socks

____     2 pairs of gloves or mittens

____     scarf

____     Heavy coat or several light coats to be worn together

____     long underwear

____     1 more pair of pants

____     1 more pair of shoes (sneakers not recommended for winter)


____     Pencils and a notebook

____     Stuffed Animal

____     Binoculars

____     Camera

____     Reading Materials

____     Sun Screen


____     Sleeping Bag or 2 sheets and 2 blankets (cabins are heated )

____     Pillow

____     Toothbrush and toothpaste

____    1 washcloth and a towel

____     Comb and brush

____     Soap and shampoo

____     Plastic bag for wet items

____     Non-aerosol bug repellent

____     Lip Balm

____     Facial Tissues

____     Flash Light

____    Water  Bottle


•             Electronic Games

•             Radios or personal stereos

•             Food (Snacks, candy, pop)

•             Money

•             Hatchets/Knives/Saws

•             Cell phones

•             Blow Dryers/Curling Irons


Don’t Be Sorry – Put Your Name on Everything

Directions and Map to Camp Kern

YMCA Camp Kern

5291State Route 350

Oregonia, OH 45054


800-255-KERN (Ohio Only)

Fax: 513-932-8607

From North Dayton: I-75 to State Route 63 Monroe/Hamilton (Exit 29).  Turn left on OH-63 and proceed East for approximately 7 miles.  At the Golden Lamb, continue through light on OH-123 and proceed approximately 4 miles, crossing over I-71.  Turn left on State Route 350 Proceed 2.5 miles to YMCA Camp Kern entrance and turn right.

From Kettering/Centerville:  48 South into Lebanon.  Turn left at the Golden Lamb (123 East.)  Proceed approximately 4 miles, crossing over I-71.  Turn left at State Route 350. Proceed 2.3 miles to YMCA Camp Kern entrance and turn right.

From Cincinnati:  Take I-71 north to State Route 123/Morrow exit, exit 32.  Turn right at top of the ramp.  Go approximately 100 yards and turn left on State Route 350. Proceed 2.3 miles to YMCA Camp Kern entrance and turn right.

From Columbus:  Take I-71 south to State Route 123/Morrow exit, exit 32.  Turn left at the top of the ramp.  Take S.R. 123 south to State Route 350. Turn left at S.R. 350.  Proceed 2.3 miles to YMCA Camp Kern entrance and turn right.


To Elk Lodge: take the first right turn.

To Sugar Woods: take the second right turn.

To Main Camp: follow paved road to the Singerman Lodge, the large tan building.




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