Dear Parents,




Our students are jumping at the chance to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation’s No. 1 and No. 4 killers. During the month of February (beginning February 11st), Amelia elementary is hosting its annual Jump Rope for Heart event to raise money for the American Heart Association, which funds lifesaving heart and stroke research and community and educational programs for our youth.

 Jump Rope for Heart teaches students how physical fitness benefits the heart.  By raising money through Jump Rope for Heart, we are preventing heart disease and obesity for the next generation of Americans. Kids are literally jumping into a heart healthier life while becoming passionate about raising money for other kids with sick hearts.

For over 33 years, Jump Rope For Heart has raised more than $818 million for the fight against heart disease and stroke. Millions of students have jumped rope and learned about heart health and how nutrition and physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

 I am asking students to donate $1 to our cause.  If every student donates just one dollar, our school will collect over $700 in order to help children with sick hearts.  

 You will be receiving a parent letter next week.  On the back side of the parent letter are “in honor” or “in memory” hearts.  Feel free to have your child indicate a family member or friend’s name that has had a sick heart.  Decorate the heart and return it to your child’s teacher.  We would like to have a heart wall of fame displayed in our first floor hallway. 

 Thank you for your support with this great cause,

Stephanie Walker




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