Winter Parties…

Amelia Elementary Families,

 As you know, we have the class winter parties scheduled for this week.  I have given this event a great deal of thought and feel strongly that our students need to experience this wonderful childhood school experience. That being said, I will be managing parents that enter the building differently in an attempt to heighten security. 

If you plan on attending your child’s classroom party, you must understand, and welcome, any minor inconveniences associated with following simple rules and procedures, as these procedures ensure the safety of our students. 

The following procedures will be in effect and expected to be followed with NO EXCEPTIONS:

  • All parents will be checked-in in the main corridors of the building.
  • Any parent wishing to enter the building must have their assigned green car dismissal tag.
  • If a parent does not have a dismissal tag (children who are walkers or bus riders), they must have their driver’s license.
  • Students will NOT be dismissed from classrooms at the end of the party.  Students must move to their dismissal locations, and parents will follow typical dismissal procedures. 

Again if you would like to join your child on their scheduled party day, you must have the green car dismissal tag and/or drivers license.  I expect that there will be a delay in entering the building as we are being extra diligent in identifying all visitors.


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation,

 Stephanie Walker


2 Responses

  1. Mrs. Walker,

    Just to clarify, for those of us attending the parties tomorrow whose children typically ride the bus but will be riding home with their parent. What should the parents do after the party has ended?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mrs. Gray, Just write a note stating that you are picking up your girls and we will have them waiting for you. You will come to the main enterance and my staff with match the girls up with you.
      If you have other questions, give me a call.

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