Dear Amelia Elementary Families,



Friday’s horrific and shocking event has had a profound impact on our shared sense of security. Our entire school community is reeling from the unimaginable tragedy that Newtown is dealing with and they will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Amelia teachers, support staff and I will welcome students tomorrow morning as they arrive at school with warm greetings, smiles and reassuring welcomes to ensure a sense of comfort and security, recognizing that students will be returning to school with varying levels of awareness of the unthinkable tragedy that took place on Friday.  Teachers will focus on maintaining a level of normalcy, but will also be prepared to support students in whatever way is necessary to assure them that their school is safe.

I have had several parents contact me over the weekend regarding our safety procedures.  I can assure you that we have an up to date safety plan in place that was developed in conjunction with the Village of Amelia Police Department and it is on file with the Attorney General’s Office.  We conduct a lock down drill on a yearly basis so that students and staff know what to do in case of a dangerous situation.  We will continue to review our plan, with the support of the local police department, to make sure it is as good as it can be and can keep our students and staff as safe as possible. 

In addition to supporting students, every staff member of Amelia Elementary is reminded to follow our security procedures and practices. We must all understand and welcome any minor inconveniences associated with following simple rules and procedures, as these rules ensure the safety of our students and staff.   Amelia Elementary is safe, and although our sense of security has been shaken, we will stand strong and reassure our students (and each other) that we can contribute to the overall safety of our school and community by being extra diligent and maintaining a healthy sense of awareness.

I encourage you to join me and say a special prayer for the community of Newtown and for every school in this country to be safe.  As it is each week, the entire Amelia Elementary staff looks forward to seeing our wonderful students in the morning.

Please contact me with additional questions or concerns.



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  1. Thank you Stephanie.

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