Parent Resources:

I am sure that many of you are following the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday.  As you can imagine, I have struggled to write a coherent post that is sensitive to potential readers of all ages.

 As I work to come to terms with this terrible event, know that I am also working to find resources to support staff members as they could possibly receive questions from children next week.  I can assure you that the Amelia Elementary staff will do all that we can to respond sensitively to questions.

 For those of you who are struggling with how to respond to questions from your children throughout the following days, I offer some resources that I have found this afternoon.  I recommend that you read these links carefully so that you can filter through appropriate responses for the age of your children.

 Please know that we will be focused on keeping our school environment safe and on learning… at the same time be prepared to respond to questions that we may receive.  We care deeply about your children.  

Our thoughts are with the students, families, staff and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School.




4 Responses

  1. This is great information. can you tell us parents what other resources your going to do to keep the school and our children safe from something like this happening? I’m leaning toward my daughter being home schooled. this has really scared the daylights out of me. I know things happen,but I would rather my child be home safe with me. nothing against AE.

    • You and I have very similar thought and feelings Tammy. I have been saddened by school shooting/public shootings in the past, but this one has stuck with me and put a fear in me that I can’t explain. I hope AE can re-assure us with hard facts and examples of how our kids are safe every day during the school year.

  2. Thank you Stephanie. Something that has weighed heavy on my mind since this incident is how safe are my children?? I’m sure many other parents feel the same….would it be possible that a letter could be sent to families and myself showing how AE is keeping our children safe, that the school is capable of preventing unsafe people from entering, that adequate action plans are available, that staff members are trained in someway how to deal with such threatening individuals. I want to feel that my children are safe, but I need to here and read it first hand. This event in Connecticut has saddened my heart and put a fear in me that I have never had before. Thank you for all that you do for our children.

  3. Mrs. Walker, thank you for your timely letter. I know you are doing everything you can to keep our children safe. I also know that there is no guarantee in life that any of us will be safe wherever we go. If people are willing to kill others in a movie theater or in a shopping mall, then we are foolish to think we are really safe anywhere. I think that any time we can be kind to others and focus on repairing the relationships around us (family, neighbors, friends, etc.) then we are doing a great deal toward helping to heal our world, and helping to prevent stress, and even possibly future violence. I think that you have great security at the school. Certainly, if there is something more that can be done, we would all appreciate that. However, the reality is that this could happen anywhere. I’ll continue to pray for healing and answers.

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