AE Holiday Shop:

photo (3) photo (4)This year’s Holiday Shop will be open Monday, December 10 through Friday, December 14. Each class will be assigned a specific time slot during which students may shop. Gifts for family, friends, relatives, pets and even local professional and collegiate sports teams will be available. With over 100 “kid-priced” gifts, the students are sure to find that perfect gift! A portion of this year’s proceeds will go toward providing food to our Amelia Elementary needy families during this Holiday season.

Holiday Shop Schedule:

Monday, December 10
9:15-9:50: Wells
9:50-10:25: Smith
10:25-11:00: Light
11:00-11:35: Varney
12:35-1:10: MacFarland
1:10-1:45: Moorehead
1:45-2:20: Hucker
2:20-2:55: Burnheimer

Tuesday, December 11
9:15-9:50: Wells
9:50-10:25: Smith
10:25-11:00: Trent
11:00-11:35: Zoldesy
12:35-1:10: Hennessey
1:10-1:45: Evans
1:45-2:20: Amann
2:20-2:55: Dunn

Wednesday, December 12
9:15-9:50: Wolff
9:50-10:25: Hale
10:25-11:00: Carter
11:00-11:35: Knapke
12:35-1:10: Schneider
1:10-1:45: Staffiera
1:45-2:20: Kratzer
2:20-2:55: Fowler

Thursday, December 13
9:15-9:50: Ary
9:50-10:25: Kahles
10:25-11:00: Johnson
11:00-11:35: Heltzer
1:10-1:45: Marcotte
1:45-2:20: Langdon

Friday, December 14
9:15-9:50: KDG/1st Grade Make-up
9:50-10:25: 2nd/3rd Grade Make-up
10:25-11:00: 4th/5th Grade Make-up

For questions about the Holiday Shop, please contact Danielle Humphries at:


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