Friday, Sept 21st Phone Message to Parents:

If you missed the phone call that I sent out on Friday, here is the message in written form. We are still ironing out the phone messaging system for the new school year. I will always post my message here so that everyone will receive the information. Have a great day.

“Good afternoon, this is Stephanie Walker, Principal of Amelia Elementary School.

After being in school for a few weeks, I wanted to touch base about a few things:

First, arrival and dismissal is going well.

In the mornings, please do not release children from cars until the 8:45 bell. I have noticed that several cars are dropping children off early, they are playing outside of the building and this is a dangerous situation as I do not have adult coverage until 8:45. Please make arrangements to accommodate this request. I want all of our children to be safe at all times.

Another arrival and dismissal request is to please follow the traffic flow. This is particularly important in the front lot. Traffic is to enter the building from Chapel and exit on 125. When you enter or exit the incorrect way, it slows the traffic process. The expectation has not changed from last year.

For your planning purposes, we are finished with dismissal each day by 3:20. Plan your pick-up time that time-frame.

As you probably know, Election Day is November 6th. As is the case with most general elections, there are a variety of offices and important issues on the ballot. As a service to our community, we want to make registering to vote as simple as possible. If you are not currently registered, please stop by the office and pick up a Voter Registration Form. You may return your form to the school office and we will make sure that it gets to the Board of Elections by the October 9th deadline. Thank you for setting a great example for our young people by voting in the November election.

Thanks so much for helping me make our school run wonderfully. Hope that you have a great weekend!”


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