Morning Visit into Classrooms:

It has been another great start to the school day!  Most mornings, I like to begin my day walking the halls and visiting classrooms.  It is wonderful to see learning in action:   

  • Mrs. Ary and Mrs. Carter’s 1st grade students were using pictures in order to add. (total number of giraffe necks, bird beaks, etc)
  • Mrs. Johnson’s 1st grade classroom was working on place value through counting the number of days that students have been in session this school year.
  • Mrs. Hale’s 1st grade students were practicing counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s by using a 100 chart.
  • Mrs. Staffieria’s 5th grade students were taking their weekly spelling pretest.
  • Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Evan’s 5th grade students were working on place value of whole numbers.
  • Mrs. Hennessey’s 5th grade literacy students were journal writing about what might inspire people to act courageously. 
  • 4th grade students were DIBELS assessing.  Teachers are assessing student reading fluency.
  • Mrs. Dunn’s 3rd grade students were participating in a phonics lesson regarding c/v and v/c short vowel sounds in words.
  • Mrs. Well’s kindergarten students were practicing correct letter formation of the letters “A/a” and “B/b”.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Walker



3 Responses

  1. It is nice to see a little report of what my child is doing this morning! Thank you!!!

  2. Mrs. Walker,

    These types of updates are so valuable and I appreciate you taking the time to give them! I love seeing what my kids are doing throughout the day. Thank you!!!

  3. I love this because I read it in the middle of my work day yesterday and felt more connected to the kids. Later I asked Andrew about DIBELS and we had a nice chat. Funny – he never asked me how I knew! The little things are the big things in life. Thanks for this.

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