This is your chance to say “Thank You” to your teacher for all he/she does!

  • MONDAY, May 7th:  Hug/high five your teacher day!
  • TUESDAY, May 8th: Team up with teacher!  Wear his/her favorite team’s colors!
  • WEDNESDAY, May 9th: Hats off to teachers!  Wear a crazy hat!
  • THURSDAY, May 10th: Teachers rock!  Draw a picture of your rock star teacher!
  • FRIDAY, May 11th: Give your teacher a break!  Be REALLY GOOD for the parent volunteers!


SUPER SECRET PROJECT (Shhh!  Don’t tell your teacher!)

Write a note, draw a picture, or create something special to tell your favorite thing about your teacher.  Do your VERY BEST work!  Put it in an envelope marked PTA and the teacher’s name and send it in by Tuesday, May 8.  We’re going to use it for a special decoration for the teacher’s lunch!

Finally, DESSERT!!  We usually ask for donations of dessert on the day of the luncheon.  This year, due to the overwhelming response (and huge amount of food) received in the past, we are giving each grade level a day to bring something.


  • MONDAY, May 7th: M/W Kdg., 1st grade
  • TUESDAY, May 8th:  T/Th. Preschool, 2nd grade
  • WEDNESDAY, May 9th: W/F Preschool, 3rd grade
  • THURSDAY, May 10th:  T/Th Kdg., 4th grade
  • FRIDAY, May 11th:  5th grade, make-ups

* Healthy choices are appreciated too!

Please bring your desserts in to the office.  Mrs. Knudsen will make sure it gets to the right location.  Thank you for your help in making this week special!


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