“One for Books” Winners:

The change has been tallied up, and the students collected over $1,100.00.  The Winners of 15 minutes of extra recess & spinning the Wheel of Wow are:

  •  Pre School: B Group won raising $21.28
  • Kindergarten: Ms Van Eman’s class won raising $46.46
  • 1st Grade: Mrs Kleshock’s class won raising $119.55
  • 2nd Grade: Mrs Zoldesy’s class won raising $88.42
  • 3rd Grade: Mrs Burnheimer’s class won raising 135.85
  • 4th Grade: Mrs Marcotte’s class won raising $66.09
  • 5th Grade: Mrs Fowler’s class won raising $23.99

The top 2 winning teachers for raising the most money is: Mrs Kleshock & Mrs Burnheimer!! They will each get to spend $50 at the BookFair!!!

Thank you everyone for participating!!!  This was anamazing event and our kids and classrooms are the ones to benefit from it so it’s such a great cause!!!!


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