One for Books Program: A Scholastic Bookfair Program:


Families & Students of Amelia Elementary,

It’s getting to be our favorite time of year at Amelia Elementary.  Spring is coming! We are so excited to see flowers bloom, the sun shining, kids outside playing, & most of all the spring bookfair!!

Our next book fair will be April 16-20.  This bookfair, we are going to take part in scholastics, One for Books program.  We will have a classroom challenge starting, Thursday March 22 and running until Friday April 13.  The challenge will be for kids to bring in their spare change. The change collected will be used to purchase books for our students.  There will be lucky winners picked everyday to win free money to the book fair to buy a book. In addition to students winning money to spend at the book fair, the classroom that raises the MOST money per grade level will win 15 minutes of extra recess and a spin on the Wheel of Wow!!! The top 2 teachers that raise the most money will win $50 of books for their classroom library!!!

For every dollar we collect, Scholastic matches and donates the money to nonprofit organizations that gives families more access to books.

Let the fun begin and bring in that spare change!


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