Amelia Elementary’s FACEBOOK Page:

Happy Thursday!  I am experimenting with adding an Amelia Elementary FACEBOOK page to better communicate with our school community.  Feel free to access and interact with the page.  Please remember that our students have Facebook pages, so keep the posts positive and appropriate.  Hope that you enjoy the new feature!   Search for “Amelia Tigers” on FACEBOOK!

Happy New Year!  ~Mrs. Walker


5 Responses

  1. Love that we have a FB page!! For some reason this link only takes me to my own Facebook page. Am I doing something wrong? What is the name of the page and maybe I can type it in the search box. Thanks!!

  2. While I think the Facebook page will be a good communication tool for parents and teachers, I would hope that the school is not condoning the use of Facebook by it’s students by “friending” them. Facebook has a minimum age limit for members (for the protection of children) that would not include ANY of the students at Amelia Elementary.

    • Good morning, I appreciate your responce to the post regarding FACEBOOK. Certainly keeping our students safe is my number one priority. Am I able to tell you with 100% certainty that there will be no students friended… no. I am not sure that our moderators are always able to manage or determine who is a parent or child based upon profiles. I am hoping that parents will monitor their child’s “internet doings”… I am unable to control what happens outside of the school walls. The intended audiance is our parent and community base.

      I have been researching other schools and districts that have successfully utilized facebook as another comminucation mode. I will continue to monitor and make changes as necessary. Thank you, as always, for your concern.

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