Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd Grade Can Food Drive:

Mrs. Moorehead’s 3rd grade class collected can goods for the local food pantry.  The following are student written explanations of the project. ENJOY!

  • The reason that we collected cans was to help the hungry.  It was important to help the hungry because it is near Christmas and not a lot of people have wealth. We went over our goal because we wanted to give more than receive. (Written by Emily, Andrew, Sam and Aurora)
  • It was a good thing that we helped the hungry. We did this so people will that we are nice and forgiving people.  It made us feel special.  We gave lots of food to them and we gave drinks too.  We gave people cans of food because we will be nice to all of the hungry people to help them feel better.  (Written by Josh, Gabbriella, Haley and Ryan)
  • We did this because we really care about the hungry and they need food to survive.  They are really poor because they do not have any money.  We think they appreciate it because they are really hungry.  We hope you enjoy your meal.  (Written by Logan, Madison, Bradley and Mackenzie)
  • We did this for the hungry ones and to save the hungry people.  The people who do not have money can buy this for free!  We brought 85 can goods from our grandparents and ourselves.  We reached our goal of more than 50 can goods.  P.S. We did not do this for a treat.  We did this for hungry people.  (Written by Kacey, Rebecca, Jordan and Leana)
  • We made a total of 89 cans.  We worked to hard to give them the food that they needed.  We decided that it would be good to give can goods to the hungry people.  (Written by Natalie, A.J., Tony and Abby)


Mrs. Moorehead's Class


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