Holiday Shop Schedule:

This year’s Holiday Shop will be open Monday, December 12 through Friday, December 16. Each class has been assigned a specific time slot during which students may shop. Gifts for family, friends, relatives, pets and even local professional and collegiate sports teams will be available. With over 100 “kid-priced” gifts, the students are sure to find that perfect gift! A portion of this year’s proceeds will go toward providing gifts and food to our Amelia Elementary needy families during this holidayseason.  An envelope and explanation of items was sent home with students recently.

The following schedule will be followed next week for visiting the holiday shop:

Monday, December 12th:     9:15-9:55 Moorehead, 9:55-10:35 Schneider, 10:35-11:15 Kratzer, 12:40-1:20 Light, 1:20-2:00 Zoldesy, 2:00-2:40 Van Eman group A/ Smith group A 

Tuesday, December 13th:     9:15-9:55 Burnheimer, 9:55-10:35 Langdon, 10:35-11:15 Fowler, 12:40-1:20 Carter, 1:20-2:00 Knapke, 2:00-2:40 Van Eman group B/ Smith group B

Wednesday, December 14th:     9:15-9:55 Amann, 9:55-10:35 Kahles, 10:35-11:15 Evans, 12:40-1:20 Ary, 1:20-2:00 Heltzer, 2:00-2:40 Wells group A

Thursday, December 15th:     9:15-9:55 Hucker, 9:55-10:35 Marcotte & Berchtold group A, 10:35-11:15 Johnson, 12:40-1:20 Kleshock, 1:20-2:00 Wolff, 2:00-2:40 Wells group B

Friday, December 16th:     9:15-9:55 Dunn, 9:55-10:35 MacFarland & Berchtold group B, 10:35-11:15 Hennessey, 12:40-1:20 Hale, 1:20-2:00 Varney



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