Bookfair Schedule

Good afternoon!  Many parents have requested information regarding specific times for the bookfair in order to help with planning. 

Friday, October 14th: 

  • 9:20-10-05- Ary, 9:45-10:20- Heltzer, 10:05-10:50- Amann, 10:50-11:35- Kahles, 1:35-2:10- Evans, 2:10-2:55- Wells Session B

Monday, October 17th:

  • 9:20-10-05- Carter, 9:45-10:20- Knapke, 10:05-10:50- Burnheimer, 10:50-11:35- Langdon, 1:35-2:10- Fowler, 2:10-2:55- Wells Session A

Tuesday, October 18th:

  • 9:20-10-05- Hale, 9:45-10:20- Varney, 10:05-10:50- Dunn, 10:50-11:35- MacFarland, 1:35-2:10- Hennessey, 2:10-2:55- Van Eman Session B

Wednesday, October 19th:

  • 9:20-10-05- Kleshock, 9:45-10:20- Wolff, 10:05-10:50- Hucker, 10:50-11:35- Marcotte, 1:35-2:10- Johnson, 2:10-2:55- Van Eman Session A & Smith Session A

Thursday, October 20th:

  • 9:20-10-05- Light, 9:45-10:20- Zoldesy, 10:05-10:50- Moorehead, 10:50-11:35- Schneider, 1:35-2:10- Kratzer, 2:10-2:55- Smith Session B

4 Responses

  1. I do not see Smith Session A

  2. Is the book fair at school different from the book ordering we’re supposed to do online? I have a Kindergartener, so we’ve never done these before. What books will be at the book fair, and how would we know how much money to send along?

    • Hello,
      The online is just an option in the event that you would rather order that way instead of at the bookfair. Students should have come home with a flyer with books and prices. I have a copy on my desk if you let me know who it should come home with. All books are priced from 4.00-10:00. Checks can be made out to Amelia PTA if you are interested. Call or email for more information.
      Have a great weekend!

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