3rd Grade OAA- Wednesday, October 5th:

September 29, 2011



Dear Parents of Third Graders,

 On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, all West Clermont 3rd graders will take the Reading Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA).  This test is a requirement from the State of Ohio.  Later in the spring, the 3rd graders will take another version of the same test.  We will use the results of the fall testing to help us adjust instruction to meet student needs before taking the second test in the spring. 

 We will begin testing in the morning so it is very important that students be at school on time.  Once a test has started, we cannot allow children to enter the classroom because the tests are timed.  There is a short window of time for make-up testing for children who are absent, but we have found that students perform better if they take the test with their teachers and classmates. 

 Also, remember to make sure your children get plenty of sleep the night before testing and give them a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast. 

 Please try to arrange appointments around the testing date.  If children are sick, as always, report absences on our attendance line at 943-3804.  A note (with specific information as to the reason for absence) from the doctor or parent will be necessary to verify the absence. 

 Talk with your child about the upcoming tests. As in all tests, discuss that it is important to do your best, and not to worry.  Worry can interfere with success.  The tests are important but only one measure of a child’s overall talents.

 Please encourage your child to do his/her best.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me or your child’s teacher.


 Stephanie N. Walker





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