Wednesday Update:

I have had many parents ask about the length of arrival and dismissal as of this afternoon.  We have mastered the morning arrival procedure and have all students in the building by the 9:00 bell.  

The afternoon dismissal has greatly improved. We are loading the last student in their car by 3:30-3:35.  It is important for me to communicate this with you so that you are able to plan accordingly.  This might be welcome information for those of you lining up in the lot by 1:00.  🙂 If you arrive at the school by approximately 3:00, you will only be waiting for about a half  hour as opposed to 2 hours. 

Mother nature is not being kind.  Rain has been greeting us at arrival and dismissal  during the past few days.  Parents remember jackets with hoods or umbrellas to help keep the children dry. 

 As always, thanks for being wonderful!

Mrs. Walker



2 Responses

  1. I would like to thank the Amelia Police Department for their assistance with the traffic flow at the main entrance for drop off and pick up. The only issue is when you are leaving, we are having a hard time seeing if other cars are coming, due to the traffic backup from the other entrance.

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