Thursday Update:

Amelia Parents,

 I wanted to take a minute to recognize you for continuing to be positive and supportive as we work together to keep our AE students safe during arrival and dismissal.  Your positive comments, emails and phone calls have been greatly appreciated.  One thing that I love the most about our Amelia Elementary family is that we are a unified school.  I am always amazed at the things that we can accomplish when we work together.

 This being said, I will continue to need your cooperation.  At our transportation meetings, I stressed the importance of following the traffic pattern.  Please respect you fellow parents by not attempting to cut into the line coming from the wrong way onChurch Street.  This was better today, however I still have individuals that are not following procedures. 

 I have listened to parent suggestions over the past few days and have decided to implement a “parent pick up” line per your request.  If you are able to find a parking spot or have walked to the building, please enter the main corridors in order to check out your children.  In order to do this, you need to bring your car tag so that my staff can match it to your child’s backpack tag.  Please be patient as we will retrieve your child from the cafeteria or gym.  It is my hope that by implementing this procedure, we will reduce the number of cars in the pick-up line and reduce wait time.  I ask that you park in a designated spot.  Do not leave your car parked in the pick-up lane.

Students are getting better at looking and listening for their numbers.  As you can imagine, dismissing 800 students is an amazing task… one that we are getting better at each day.  I look forward to seeing your smiling faces tomorrow at arrival!

Stephanie Walker

Getting Ready to Greet our AE Students


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