Lunch & Breakfast Prices:


This is to inform you that lunch prices have been increased for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  Breakfast will be $1.10 for all grade levels: Elementary Lunch $2.35, Middle School Lunch $2.60, High School, $2.60, $2.85 and  $3.35.  Adult lunch price will be $3.35.  Reduced lunch  will remain at 40 cents.

 Breakfast will be offered at all buildings beginning this year.   Breakfast will be offered when students arrive and before classes begin.   If a student is eligible for free/reduced lunch, breakfast will also be free or reduced.  Breakfast price is $1.10 for paid, and 30 cents for reduced. 

 Also, menus will not be printed this year.  These will be posted on the West Clermont website.  The following is the link to access the lunch menus.

A link to the lunch/breakfast menus is located on the left hand side of the website under parent links for future reference.


3 Responses

  1. Are they supposed to arrive early for breakfast?


  2. Hi Holly,
    The menu is up and working on the district website. I have added a link on the left side under parent links. Hope this helps!

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