Changes for 2011-12 Kindergarten:

At West Clermont’s May 23rd board meeting, it was decided that kindergarten will be full day, every other day during the 2011-12 academic school year. 

If you have not yet registered your child for kindergarten, please contact the district office at 943-5000 in order to schedule an appointment.


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  1. My daughter will be attending Kindergarten for the 2011-12 school year. When will we receive information about these changes? Is the every other day M-W-F only or will it flip flop every other week to T-Th? I feel it is very important to get these changes out to parents that have already enrolled their children for the 2011-12 school year so they can be prepared and make child care arrangements. What else has been changed that we are not aware of?

    • I agree with you in that information needs to be given to families as soon as possible. At this point, the district has not released specifics. What I can tell you is that there will be two sessions… your child will be either a Monday-Wednesday kindergarten student or a Tuesday-Thursday kindergarten student. Fridays will be scheduled so that each session will have 88 school days. As soon as the schedule is released, I will provide information to Amelia families.

  2. Thank you for this information. Do you know if the sessions will be divided up by subdivision? Since there is no transportation to the Sedona Ridge subdivision, some parents are working on a car pool. Therefore it would be awesome if this were the case.

    • Yes, we are creating sessions based upon addresses just as we split up AM vs PM in the past. The reasoning for this is if transportation is reinstated mid-year.
      Hope this helps!

      • Do you know how the day will be structured? With no specials, what will they do for the 6 hours at school? Thank you, Tara

      • Tara,
        Sorry for the delay in responding. We recently have been given criteria from the district office. Kindergarten students will have morning circle time, literacy, math, embedded science and social studies, two 15 minute recess periods, and a 30 minute lunch period. We are still working out specifics, but I am hoping that this will help in understanding the structure of the day.

  3. Yes it does help. Thanks a bunch!

  4. When will we receive information on our child’s teacher,school supplies,lunches and fees. I am a new parent who’s child will be in kindergarten.

    • Thank you for the question and welcome to the Amelia Elementary family! My secretary and I will be back in the building on August 1st and will be sending out information during that first week. Always feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.
      Look forward to getting to know you and your kindergarten little one!
      Stephanie Walker

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