4th and 5th Grade Track & Field Clinic- Saturday, May 7th:

The Amelia High School track teams will be providing a fun weekend activity for 4th and 5th grade students this Saturday for those interested in participating.  See the following for details regarding the event:

When:  Saturday, May 7th  12:30-3:00 

Where:  Amelia High School Track

Who:  Amelia Elementary 4th and 5th Grade Students

What:  The session will have six twenty-minute instruction periods in stretching & warm-ups, sprinting, jumping, throws, basic conditioning and other track related concepts.  Participants will be separated into six groups that will rotate to each instructional session with high school track members as group leaders.  Instruction will be provided by high school students with the high school track staff supervising.

What to bring:  Dress for the weather on that day.  Participants should wear gym shoes that are suitable for outdoor running.

Cost:  There is no cost!  This event is a community service project for the Amelia High School track teams that is tied to their fundraising program for 2011.

Students will be bringing home more information regarding this event in Wednesday folders.  Fill out the permission slip and bring it with you on May 7th.


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