OAA Performances:

Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Amelia Elementary participated in an OAA pep rally celebrating the upcoming Ohio Achievement Assessment.  Each classroom had the opportunity to perform a song, dance or skit focusing on encouraging students to “do their best” and to “show what they know” on next week’s state assessments.  What a fun afternoon!  I will be adding video clips during the next few days of student performances.  It is apparent that not only are our students incredibly smart, but very talented too!  🙂

Like all performers, we would love to hear your positive feedback regarding our performances.  Feel free to leave AE’s amazing performers a message by replying to this post. 


OAA Chant-  OAA, Bring it on!!!!————>     SchoolTube – OAA Chant.

Mrs. Fowler’s —–>     SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Fowler 5th grade

Mrs. Fowler song #2—–>  SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Fowler 5th grade.

Mrs. Kratzer’s—–> SchoolTube – OAA Song- Mrs. Kratzer.

Mrs. Hucker’s —–>    SchoolTube – Mrs. Hucker’s OAA Song:.


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