Message from PTA:

This year, the PTA is looking for volunteers to work lunch and recess duty on May 6 when the great teachers at AE have their appreciation luncheon at the end of Teacher Appreciation Week.  If any of you would be interesting in helping out that day either for lunch, recess or both, please let me know.  Below is the schedule of lunch/recess.  If you want to help out, please email with your availability… you will need to be fingerprinted to be able to volunteer for this event. Thanks so much!

1st/11:05-11:35 lunch      11:35-11:50 recess
2nd/11:15-11:45 lunch      11:45-12:00 recess
4th/11:50-12:20 lunch      11:35-11:50 recess
3rd/12:10-12:40 lunch      12:40-12:55 recess
5th/12:35-1:05 lunch        1:05-1:20 recess

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