Lady Liberty:


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What a liberating sight to see!  In the cafeteria of Amelia Elementary on Friday afternoon, March 25th,  approximately 125 second graders were privileged to experience a visit from Lady Liberty.  Lucy Distler, Marketing Manager for Liberty Tax Service at Kennedy’s Landing in Eastgate paid them a visit and brought Lady Liberty, alias Crystal Reynolds, in full costume.  They presented the students with foam Statue of Liberty headbands (pink for the girls and blue for the boys) and also a frisbee from Liberty Tax Service.  The students learned that the Statue of Liberty is actually located on Liberty Island and that she was a present from France.  An Ohio president, Grover Cleveland, was in office when the statue was dedicated.  The Statue of Liberty weighs 100 tons and is made of copper.  She looks green because of the effects of the weather and the ocean air.  There are 357 steps inside of the Statue of Liberty, and three-second graders actually counted that far while pretending to climb steps–it took them a long time to “reach the top”!  The seven points on Lady Liberty’s hat are in honor of the seven seas and the seven continents.  Her shoe size is 386, her ears are 2 and 1/2 feet wide, and her fingernails are one foot long.  The students and teachers certainly had a glorious afternoon and very much appreciated the visit from Lucy and Lady Liberty!

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