Science is In the Air:

Zookeeper Mike and Hurricane

Amelia Elementary third graders were visited by the Cincinnati Zoo again on Friday, March 25, 2011. Thanks to the organization of Mr. Stevens, a grandfather of one the students, the Frisch’s Outreach Program brought two animals to share with the classes. To start, the students were given pictures of the five classes of vertebrates and were asked to sort them according to their class. Then the zookeeper brought out an African Gray Hornbill named Mozart for the students to observe. Finally, an American Alligator named Hurricane made an appearance. It was a great culminating activity since the students just finished studying about vertebrate animals in science.

5th Grade Science

What happens when light travels from one transparent material to another?  That is the question Amelia Elementary 5th graders were trying to answer last week.  They were observing properties of light as it traveled through different transparent materials.  Students watched a sticker “magically” rise to the top of a glass as water was added.  Some students saw it even disappear.  They also observed a straw which appeared to grow and break in half.  All of this was due to light refraction.  As light travels from the air to the water it slows down and changes direction. 

3rd Grade Science

Simple machines are mechanical constructs that increase a simple force when applied to a load, or change the direction of that force. All compound machines are made of combinations of simple machines. Traditionally, the six basic simple machines are the inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, wedge, and the wheel and axle.  Amelia Elementary third grade students are able to understand these machines and how they work by creating an example and presenting them with their classmates!

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