My Day As Principal:

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My Day as Principal by Austin:

 Today my first duty as principal was morning announcements! We always start out with the pledge then the tiger oath. But every day we have little guest speakers and today we had kids from Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class to help with the announcements. After the announcements we went around the school to look at all of our busy workers of Amelia Elementary. All of the kids grades K-5 are very hard workers on Mondays. I am looking forward to the rest of the day as the assistant to the leader of Amelia elementary.

 Next, I walked around the school collecting morning envelopes filled with doctors notes, pick up notes, bus notes, sick notes, and notes for the pta. When I came into the office I made bus passes for the students who are riding the bus to a different spot than usual. Next we filed them into the correct spot by last name for each student who had a bus pass. There were a lot of notes! It’s a very busy day to be an Amelia Tiger!

Then I filed papers in teachers Mailboxes to go home in Wednesday folders. Each class (Except for 5th grade) got this important paper .These papers will be sent home in students Wednesday folders. It is a great experience being a principal for a day!

 My next job was working in the cafeteria. I helped with 1st and 2nd grade on lunch. It was a hard job but I got through it. Then I finally had my own lunch. Hamburgers with tator tots, blue berries with whipped cream, and applesauce. I’m ready for the rest of the day!

 I then went to Mrs.Ary’s first grade class and read Skippyjohn Jones and the Big Bones. They were a very excellent class and they got 9 marbles! Wow! These Amelia Tigers were very Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.

 Next, I helped with preschool they were learning the letters C and G very nice class they played with trains on a little wooden train track, they played with sand, they also dressed up like knights and played in a small kitchen. It was a very nice class.

This was a very interesting experience I hope everyone has a great week!


9 Responses

  1. Austin- I am so proud of you and your blog experience was awesome! See you Art Class!
    Mrs. Koehler 🙂

  2. Austin,
    It was so fun reading about your day! Thanks for posting it on the blog.

  3. Austin, You know your family is very proud of you. Just think, we started reading together when you were very young!

  4. Hi Austin,
    We here in Skyliner country think that you are awesome! What a wonderful way to spend the day…….actually working really hard and learning about some of the responsibilities of your Principal.
    We’re proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    Donna and Mark Groom

  5. Austin,
    You did excellent doing the principal job for the day and an awesome blog to share with Amelia Elem. students and families. Job well done!

  6. I have to admit, having Austin as my assistant was the highlight of my week. I now know who will run the building if I ever am sick. Thanks for the help Austin!
    Love Mrs. Walker

  7. I really had a fun experience as principal im hoping to do it again in the future!:)

  8. Austin,

    What a great activity and blog! It seems like you have a great school and teachers that support technology. I am taking an online learning course right now and I am going to include a link to my blog about this activity. Nice work Austin and Amelia Elementary!!

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