Amelia Elementary Happenings:

Miss Van Eman's 2nd Grade Class:

Miss Van Eman’s second grade class

explored creative ways to communicate during their Reading Street weekly question . The students were shown pictures and writings from a school in Otho Abao near Kenya. The African children created drawings about their daily life and what they wanted to be when they grow up. After discussing possible writing connections, the students decided to show the African children what they wanted to be when they grew up. Mrs. Hoffman, Miss Van Eman student teacher, will take the drawings back to her classmates at UC who will deliver the letters to the children when they return in March.

Art students are busy creating during the month of January.  Kindergarten students are studying the American Artist Mary Cassatt by creating a self portrait. Pablo Picasso’s abstract style will be explored by first grade artists while second graders will create collages in the style of Henri Matisse. Alexander Calder’s wire mobiles will be the subject for third grade artists. Each homeroom with create a classroom mobile with wire. Fourth grade students are integrating their studies of the Underground Railroad to create “quilt code.” Each student will design a quilt square which will be sewed into a classroom quilt. At the end of the school year, we will raffle the quilt to one lucky student from each homeroom. Fifth grade students are excited to be sculpting clay mini-suitcases to integrate their social studies lesson of immigration.  Lastly, when artists have “free time”, they will design Valentine cards to be sent to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.  Volunteers are always welcome to Amelia Elementary’s ART Studio. Please email Mrs. Koehler at if interested.


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  1. I love this!! Leana wouldn’t stop talking about what a great time this was. Now she pretends to travel the world at home!!

    • I love to hear that Leana is excited about her “travels”! There is nothing better than seeing a child excited about learning. Thanks so much for sharing… you made my day!
      Mrs. Walker

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