Happy New Year:

Dear Amelia Elementary Students,

I loved staying up late when I was young, but never more than on New Year’s Eve. Hanging out with family members, favorite cousins and friends, flannel nightgowns, scary stories, lots of great food and late-night television all added up to make this a very special night. I typically was never very good at staying up past midnight, but I was wide awake and ready to count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-HAPPY NEW YEAR! when the ball dropped in Times Square. (I think I was asleep five minutes later!)

Part of the fun of New Year’s Eve was making up a list of resolutions for the next year. The resolutions I wrote as a ten-year old were certainly different from the ones I write now, but the idea of setting goals and making little promises to myself has stayed the same. (And the best part is that I’m the only one who knows if I succeed!)

I wonder as 2011 begins, if any of my students (or teachers) have made those little promises… resolutions for the new year?  I would love to see those resolutions added to this post… reading more each week, starting a new hobby or sport, helping your parents around the house, or doing something little to “fill someone’s bucket”…

I hope that you have a wonderful New Year’s celebration… have fun and stay safe!

Happy 2011!

Mrs. Walker


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