Holiday Giving:

This December, the PTA would like to make a donation to a local charity.  The holiday season is a time of great need for many and we’d like to give  a little something back to our community.  To make this a fun and exciting event for our students, we would like to have a contest to encourage participation in donations.  WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO GET YOUR CHECK BOOK OUT!!!!  What we would like to do is collect CHANGE – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters – even dollars if you would like.  During the week of December 13-17, there will be jugs in the cafeteria for students to drop their change in – each grade will have their own jug as well as the office staff.  The teachers from the grade level (or office staff) that collects the most money during the week will SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS to the students during lunch on December 22!!  The winner of the contest will be announced Monday, December 20.
We need your help getting this started – we would like to know your favorite local charity.  Once we have a list, we will take the top 5 or 6 and the winning group from the contest will decide which charity we give the money to.  We hope this will be a fun way to show our families how much fun and rewarding it can be to give something back.  Please email suggestions for charities to Thank you and Happy Holidays!


2 Responses

  1. Autism Speaks!

  2. I agree with Autism Speaks..or an ADD/ADHD research charity.

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