Perfect Attendance for Students


In an attempt to align the process for determining Perfect Attendance for Students in all school buildings throughout the district, the following guidelines were issued from the district office:

 In order for a student to have perfect attendance for the quarter or year, a student must be in the classroom from the beginning of the school day to the end of the school day.  

 A student is not considered as having perfect attendance if a day is missed or he/she left early or arrived late.  Perfect attendance means that you were at school every minute of every day that school is open.  Excused absences still count as absences.  

 If a child comes to school late but was riding a bus, it does not count against perfect attendance.

 A student is not eligible for perfect attendance if the student is:

  • Late arrival
  • Early release
  • On vacation
  • Late to school
  • Leaves school early
  • Going to a funeral
  • Takes off for a religious holiday.



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