Amelia Thanksgiving Celebrations:

The kindergarten students in Miss Michael’s class celebrated Thanksgiving with a holiday feast of their own.  Together they created butter from whipping cream, cornbread, and made their very own turkeys.  They dined in Native American and Pilgrim garb and shared what they were most thankful for.  It was a busy day, but the kindergarteners sure had a blast!  The pictures below show them dressed up and eating their delicious meal.

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During their Unit discussion on past/present, the second graders  at Amelia Elementary discovered many items that were different from the past compared to the present.  They researched information about clothing, jobs, technology, and much more. The students main research was about Native American vests.  They found that Native Americans’ made their clothing by hand and used materials from the environment. The students created vests with similar patterns and symbols to wear for their Thanksgiving celebration.  

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