Mrs. Hucker’s Veterans Day Brunch 2010


Veterans Day Brunch


Mrs. Hucker’s third grade students welcomed veterans to their class on Friday, November 12th to thank them for their service to our country.  The students, Mrs. Hucker, and Mrs. Smith provided their guests with pastries and beverages while the men shared stories of their days in the military.  Charlie Mauch was accompanied by his wife Nancy.  He served in the Army in Fort Knox from 1956-1964.  Presently Charlie volunteers at Amelia Elementary and you can find him helping with the school busses or with the recycling program.  Russel Grimes, Allison’s grandfather, served in the Air Force from 1960-1964.  Ed Bradshaw, Ryan’s grandfather, served in the US Army 101 Airborne Division.  He said he was able to see a lot of the world, and he saw how poor the people of Vietnam were.  Josh introduced his great-grandfather, Burrel Saylor, who served as a Navy pilot in the Bomber Squadron during WWII from 1944-1946 patrolling the waters for Japanese submarines.  Christopher’s step-dad, Michael Mather, served in the Air Force and is now in the Army.  His job is known as the “eyes of the artillery” and he has served in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq.  Daniel’s guest, his grandfather Allen Bolender, served in the US Navy from 1964-1968 as a radioman.  He said that he talked to every ship and plane including the Maritime Mobile.  The highlight of his service was to climb Mount Fuji.  One student, Paige, has an uncle who was unable to attend but sent a letter and pictures about his service in the Army.  We were able to hear about Sergeant First Class Kevin White’s experiences in Iraq.  Mrs. Hucker’s students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, shared essays, and performed songs to honor their country and these men that have served our great nation. ** Special thanks to Panera Bread in Eastgate for donating to this special event and to the parents that supported this event also.


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  1. This is a fantastic article. I’m so glad our Veteran’s are
    rewarded by their family members, and Mrs Hucker and Mrs Smith for their gracious duty! What a fabulous idea!

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