Happy Thanksgiving!!

Last month, my son and I traveled to Massachusetts in order to watch a college soccer game.  While there we decided to make the trip to Plymouth in order to visit the replica pilgrim village and their ship, the Mayflower.  What a wonderful experience!

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If you are interested in finding out more about Thanksgiving, the History Channel website is full of resources.   Of course, there is the History of Thanksgiving but also check out the Mayflower Reconstructed.  Visit the  TURKEY FACTS site to brush up on your turkey knowledge.  

DID YOU KNOW:  There were 102 passengers (51 men, 21 boys, 20 ladies and 10 girls) as well as 26 crew members aboard the Mayflower .  The average age of the passengers was 32 with the oldest being 64 years old.  The trip to America took 66 days to travel the 2,750 mile journey.

 Just a reminder that we only attend school three days this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy time spent with family and stay safe.  -Mrs. Walker

Calendar of Events:

Tuesday, November 23rd:  Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, November 25th:  NO SCHOOL

Friday, November 26th:  NO SCHOOL


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