Owl Pellet Dissection:

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   Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Fowler’s 5th grade students got “down and dirty” today dissecting owl pellets. 

Students begin to pull apart pellets with their hands, slowly and carefully. The tiny pellet was filled with small, fragile bones that students would identify later. Students separated the mess of fur, feathers, and bones.  Students then used pre-printed diagrams of rodent skeletons and tried to identify the bones, and who they once belonged to. Owls feed on mice, voles and small birds, and the contents of their latest meal could be identified from the different sizes and proportions of the bones found in their pellets.  Ask your child to tell you what was found in their pellet!

Click on the following link in order to dissect a virtual owl pellet: http://www.kidwings.com/owlpellets/flash/v4/index.htm

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