PTA Fundraiser!

A SUPER Fund Raiser…  Butter Braid Frozen Pastry Dough!

 We are introducing an incredible fund raiser…   Butter Braid brand frozen pastry dough.

A quick and easy way to treat your family, friends, and relatives to a fresh, “homemade” out of the oven pastry – in just minutes.   

The butter braid pastry will come frozen. All you do is set the frozen pastry on a cookie sheet, cover it with plastic wrap and by morning your braid will have risen and be ready for the oven. Just bake at 325 degrees approximately 25 minutes and drizzle with the packet of frosting, which is included. You can order this frozen butter braid pastry in 7 different flavors for $11.00 each. Our group is earning $4.50 for each braid we sell! We will be using this money for Smart Student Response Systems (Clickers). If possible, we would like each of you to sell 3 braids so we can reach our common goal!!!

 We would like all orders in by October 28, 2010.

Make checks payable to:  AE PTA.

If you have any questions, please call Chris Gillespie @ 943-3864 or

YOU CAN WIN!   ButterBraid® Incentive Plan For Amelia Elementary School

Participation Prize:   Sell at least 6 pastries – Win a Smencil

Stretch Prize:   Sell at least 12 pastries –  Free Butter Braid pastry

High Seller:   Sell the most pastries – $50 Gift Card*  (*Gift Card to Walmart or Toys R Us)

Big Carrot:   Sell at least 100 pastries –  iPod Touch or Wii Game Console

Cash for Classrooms Teachers: 50 cents per pastry for their room  (minimum of 30 pastries sold per class to qualify)


2 Responses

  1. do they plan to send the order forms home with the students? I have not seen one sent home with my child yet.

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